Viruses have been there since the dawn of life, they were there before humans existed and they will be there when humans parish and go extinct. Viruses mutate! I can not put it in simpler words. it is the reason why you need a new flu shot every year for this reason. In other words, there is a new Flu virus every season. If you took a virus from a lab that was stored decades ago and compare it to is a new form there would be a little resemblance.

The "simple" Flu virus took the lives of 61 000 victims in America last year alone. yet the media did not even bother to report it.

But this time it was different. The media, which is a tool of war, has been endlessly feeding us fear and no solution. Fear is primeval, it does not submit to logic or reason. It is part of our pre-historic or even pre-human brain.   It is what kept our species alive for millions of years. And yet came the new evil: Coronavirus. a catchy name of a virus with a political agenda. It was portate in red colors to provoke the old fears of everything that is red: blood, communism, and China. Even though under the microscope it looks gray. but gray provoke no emotions. it is neutral, unlike red.

Trump called it the "Chinese Virus". A virus that in its first stage went to Iran and selectively affected the Iranian regime. in one of the bizarre coincidences of our modern times.

Take for example the Trudeau, the feminist womanizer,  His wife got the virus but not him. His wife got the virus to freak people out but he did not get it. another bizarre if they never shared a bed or a house. An Airborne virus that selectively chooses its victims. 

It got so much coverage that is surreal. youtube, tv and all form of mass media which are war tools have been bombarding us with images of death. We even needed the Italian Amry to carry the corpses of the people who died in front of the cameras for the world to be in total panic.Yes we need the army to protect us from a virus.

In France, people need papers to be allowed to walk on the street. governments are telling people how to live their lives. people went on panic buying. 

Doctors are saying that the virus will not be transmitted through the use of banknotes. yet we are forced to use electronic banking. Governments are now using our mobile devices to track our movements.

all fall perfectly in this orwellian 1984 wet dream.

This virus is nothing special. The only difference between it and other viruses is that it is a celebrity virus it has the most spotlight in recent times.

The virus will affect only those with a compromised immune system like old and sick people. yet the precaution measures are beyond madness.

our economy will collapse and more people will die than those from the virus. 

The media will call anyone who died fro the flu or any other similar virus a Corona victim. to feed the monster of fear.  Now there is an army of mindless drones who will attack anyone who dares to question the status quo.

It is like a scene from V for vendetta that was meant to be a warning to the masses not a guidebook to the elite.  

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This is not the flu. That is why they changed the name. With the flu you only become infectious after symptoms show. We have a vaccine for the flu. You are actually contributing to the worsening of the pandemic when you minimize what is happening.

I know it is not the flu I only compared it to the flu

Oh hey Katze. Have not seen you since that little mishap of yours at the nudist camp for educated Syrian refugees. What happens in Germany stays in Germany. No worries.

I shared your sentiment more or less until i read more about it.  And if you begin to read different sources you will find contrary contentions. It is a morass out there. 

But after listening to a Sam Harris podcast who had a Yale epidemiologist who struck me as intelligent and credible i changed my opinion. Seasonal flu has kill rates around .1 percent.  Ya will get a lot of different opinions on what the mortality rate is for this thing but this guy is low end at .6. Some of the epidemiologists think it may be much higher. As you know the data is ambiguous cuz so many are not tested. But it is much higher than seasonal flu.

Also adding to the badassedness of corona is the transmission rate. It is much higher and it looks like a lot of asymptomatic carriers are causing the transmission. So between more puissant transmission and kill rates the math may end up killing a great many humans. 

Also ya never know if it might mutate into a more deadly virus like the Spanish Flu. It was originally not too awful bad but after a mutation it had a kill rate of about ten percent. And its victims included the young and healthy at a very high rate. Interestingly the Yale guy says most mutations weaken viruses as they relate to human sickness. But not always. Presumably the greater the cases the greater the opps for mutations. So it is behooves us to be cautious.

What strikes me about the human response is how predictably we all follow.  The viral nature of the human response is a little disconcerting. There is no real analysis of the dangers to our survival. Meanwhile our lives and our economies are turned upside down. Think about climate change. It is discussed a great deal but we as a species aint doin jack. Also think about the threat of nuclear annihilation. it is ever so high. it is hundreds of millions at a clip. It is an aftermath of global famine and suffering. It is an omnipresent threat. We've already come oh so close.  What the fuck are we as a species doing to avert that threat? I guess the only positive is that if we get that herd mentality about those issues there is a possibility we can effectuate change. But as it stands our response to corona virus is arbitrary and incongruous. 

you missed the point. It is not a medical debate. It is about authoritarians gone wild.

 enjoy your post freedom liberty world and the ministry of Truth

No i did not miss the point.  I made the point that there is more justification for the authoritarianism than you think.  Notwithstanding the more dire nature of the virus (and therefore justification)  the response is as i indicated arbitrary and incongruous with other threats. 

This virus is nothing special. The only difference between it and other viruses is that it is a celebrity virus it has the most spotlight in recent times.

The virus will affect only those with a compromised immune system like old and sick people. yet the precaution measures are beyond madness.

I totally disagree with this. Precaution measures have been based on epidemiology and learning from recent experience.

New Orleans held Mardi Gras celebrations, now Louisiana has 479 coronaviruscases, most in New Orleans. According to a respiratory therapist interviewed by Lizzie Presser.

This is knocking out what should be perfectly fit, healthy people.

“I have patients in their early 40s and, yeah, I was kind of shocked. I’m seeing people who look relatively healthy with a minimal health history, and they are completely wiped out, like they’ve been hit by a truck. This is knocking out what should be perfectly fit, healthy people. Patients will be on minimal support, on a little bit of oxygen, and then all of a sudden, they go into complete respiratory arrest, shut down and can’t breathe at all.”

A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — ...

I'm over 75, with three co-morbid conditions, so don't tell me lockdown precautions are "beyond madness". If I get it, there will be one less Atheist Nexus contributor.

The news reported that Madrid is expected to get 80% infected. You realize, don't you, that young people who experience ordinary health emergencies, such as a broken leg, won't get medial care when hospitals are overwhelmed. It won't just be old people and people with high blood pressure in trouble.  I don't think you yet grasp the enormity of this historic event.

The best prognosticators can only make educated guesses. Good luck Ruth in being one of the non-infected. I don't know why it is not part of mainstream media but it seems there may be a few different treatments even if a vaccine takes at least a year. 

It would be informative if we got to see actual experiences of hundreds of sick persons from different demographics. I have read and heard so many conflicting accounts of how it goes.

Don't believe Trump's claim about treatments. Hydroxychloroquine is not a simple medication, without complications. And the price just went up 98%.  See also Hydroxychloroquine results are questionable

I heard that the effective dose for an adult is 1 gram and the lethal dose is 2 grams.

I did not know Trump spoke or tweeted about treatments. However for me the presumption in any of his utterances is that he is lying. I think he must experience  pain if he somehow says something true. 

That is not the only the potential med for treating this virus. 

"... Italians are angry. They are angry their doctors are dying, that their hospitals are under-equipped and, most of all, angry they did not understand sooner." [emphasis mine] In Italy, people are stunned by the UK government’s complacent resp...

We will all be angry in the US in a month too, Imaginary Cat Owner.

In terms of complacency it pales in comparison to the threat from nucs. In the US Trump can unilaterally cause nucs to be launched. Now we all know he is a very stable genius. But that is a power i would not want to cede to any one person. Our congress has discussed putting safety protocols in and declined. 

So while each crisis and our response is a thing unto itself, it is really highly fucked up how proactive governments have been in response to Covid 19 and how worthless they have been on nuclear threats. Same for genocides. And to a lesser degree climate change..

Your point about the threat of nuclear weapons is well taken, Frankie Dapper. However, my town has positive coronavirus cases now, so the threat is more tangible. There's still a chance nobody will pull that trigger.




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