Viruses have been there since the dawn of life, they were there before humans existed and they will be there when humans parish and go extinct. Viruses mutate! I can not put it in simpler words. it is the reason why you need a new flu shot every year for this reason. In other words, there is a new Flu virus every season. If you took a virus from a lab that was stored decades ago and compare it to is a new form there would be a little resemblance.

The "simple" Flu virus took the lives of 61 000 victims in America last year alone. yet the media did not even bother to report it.

But this time it was different. The media, which is a tool of war, has been endlessly feeding us fear and no solution. Fear is primeval, it does not submit to logic or reason. It is part of our pre-historic or even pre-human brain.   It is what kept our species alive for millions of years. And yet came the new evil: Coronavirus. a catchy name of a virus with a political agenda. It was portate in red colors to provoke the old fears of everything that is red: blood, communism, and China. Even though under the microscope it looks gray. but gray provoke no emotions. it is neutral, unlike red.

Trump called it the "Chinese Virus". A virus that in its first stage went to Iran and selectively affected the Iranian regime. in one of the bizarre coincidences of our modern times.

Take for example the Trudeau, the feminist womanizer,  His wife got the virus but not him. His wife got the virus to freak people out but he did not get it. another bizarre if they never shared a bed or a house. An Airborne virus that selectively chooses its victims. 

It got so much coverage that is surreal. youtube, tv and all form of mass media which are war tools have been bombarding us with images of death. We even needed the Italian Amry to carry the corpses of the people who died in front of the cameras for the world to be in total panic.Yes we need the army to protect us from a virus.

In France, people need papers to be allowed to walk on the street. governments are telling people how to live their lives. people went on panic buying. 

Doctors are saying that the virus will not be transmitted through the use of banknotes. yet we are forced to use electronic banking. Governments are now using our mobile devices to track our movements.

all fall perfectly in this orwellian 1984 wet dream.

This virus is nothing special. The only difference between it and other viruses is that it is a celebrity virus it has the most spotlight in recent times.

The virus will affect only those with a compromised immune system like old and sick people. yet the precaution measures are beyond madness.

our economy will collapse and more people will die than those from the virus. 

The media will call anyone who died fro the flu or any other similar virus a Corona victim. to feed the monster of fear.  Now there is an army of mindless drones who will attack anyone who dares to question the status quo.

It is like a scene from V for vendetta that was meant to be a warning to the masses not a guidebook to the elite.  

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No Ruth, as things stand it is just a matter of time. And it is probably the end of civilization. We have been lucky since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just lucky. And it is not just the Cuban Missile Crisis. If you are not familiar there is a Russian named Stanislav Petrov who saved the world. He disobeyed military protocol in failing to report to his superiors that the USA had launched nuclear missiles (false report by their warning system) which would have triggered retaliatory strikes by USSR. And there have been other close calls. 

Nothing has changed to make us less warlike.  We have hot spots in middle east, in India/Pakistan. Russia has a dictator. N. Korea has a crazy dictator. We have terrorists who are blood thirsty and ideologically driven. It is just a matter of time. And the weapons today make those of 1945 look like bow and arrow.  And yet individuals can make unilateral decisions. Donald Trump is one of those individuals. It is madness. 

So while i readily concede that each crisis ought to be handled i say there is no greater threat than the looming prospect of nuclear war. It ought to be the first priority of all nations. But it has virtually no media coverage and a few worthless treaties. Aint nobody doing jack shit.  

If you know or learn about the history of pestilence/plagues/pandemics you will be forced to admit that to this point corona is not even a blip. We as a species survive, gain immunity, turn the page. Nucs are not like those pathogens. IT IS GAME OVER with nucs. We act collectively like a virus in adopting positions on issues. If there is so much concern for human life why do we as a species look the other way or not give a rat's ass about genocides? Instead we are driven by the contemporary thought virus which robs us of our perspective. 




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