Lawrence Kraus delivers an amazing talk on cosmology. He brings us up to date on our latest understanding of the universe -- while getting in a few jabs at God. This is a MUST watch . . . even though it runs over an hour. Absolutely the most informative hour I've spent in my life.

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Michael Hirasuna said to Larry Lawson (above):
"If you like we can continue this discussion outside the forum. I am new to social networks, so I am not sure if we need to be "friended" in order to do this."

Michael, anyone is free to discuss and digress if the matter could be of potential interest and usefulness to anyone else. So just carry on.
I'm in class right now, so can't watch it now :(
But EVERYONE knows that Darwin was a racist and a baby eater! so OBVIOUSLY he can't be trusted! ;)
A little off topic here, but what the heck . . .

Babies are delicious but fetuses are more tender: even their bones are soft.

Here, in the Philippines, they have a very popular delicacy called "Balud". You can hear vendors loudly hawking this dish, day and night, as they make their rounds through the neighborhoods.

Balud is a chicken or duck egg that has been boiled -- the day before it would have hatched. Inside is the cooked fetus, which one eats as if it were just part of the egg. Feathers, beak, bones, intestines, feet . . . everything gets chewed and swallowed.

It's supposed to be delicious but I'll never know . . . because I'll never try it.
In the introduction to the lecture, Richard Dawkins mentions a Question from Lawrence Krauss that stumped him. Does anyone know what the Question was?




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