History offers up some fascinating examples of flawed thinking regarding intelligent design, godly or otherwise.
This is one of my personal favorites.

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Thanks for the link to your website. I am interested in this since I teach Evolution and Natural Selection. I saw lots of very interesting links on your page too. I didn't know you had a YouTube Channel. Cool.

You're welcome.

History, and the history of scientific inquiry in particular, can teach humans so much about why a skeptical, evidence-based approach is preferable in virtually every life scenario.

Our human history is littered with well-meaning (and some not-so well-meaning) people that ran astray due to ideas that weren't supported by empirical evidence.

Wow, this is a great post! Thank you for the link. As you said, it is a perfect example of the lack of some basic skepticism.

Glad you enjoyed it, Alfredo! 

Skepticism: Don't leave home (or make scientific hypotheses) with out it.

You're ver




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