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The Paleo Diet: Should You Eat Like A Caveman?


In all the buzz about the Paleolithic Diet lately, there are lots of questions and differing opinions on just what it is and why you would actually want to “eat like a caveman”. With so much disparate information out there, getting a balanced view of this new-kid-on-the-diet-block can seem overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to help!
What is the Paleo Diet?

Unlike many other “diets,” the Paleo Diet is meant to be more of a change in lifestyle than a temporary solution to shed some pounds. It is based on the idea that humans existed as hunters and gatherers for over 2 million years before the Agricultural Revolution introduced grains and dairy products as staple foods to the human diet around 10,000 years ago.

Since our genetic makeup is nearly identical to what it was prior to the introduction of farming (it’s only changed about 0.02%), the Paleo Diet suggests that we are predisposed to eating things you could either hunt for or gather – game meat, roots, berries, nuts, etc – but are not meant to eat things like grains that have to be heavily processed before consumption. In a nutshell, we should be eating like our ancient caveman (and cavewoman) relatives. .

But what doesit mean to eat like a caveman? Depending on who you ask it could mean a lot of things, but the basic idea is to only eat foods that can be found in nature and consumed in their raw states or with very minimal preparation. Essentially, anything that has to be refined or cooked extensively to be edible is out.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should and shouldn’t eat on the Paleo Diet:

Good Foods

- Lean meats
- Fish
- Vegetables
- Fruit
- Nuts/seeds (no peanuts, though…they are legumes)


Bad Foods

- Grains
- Beans and other legumes
- Dairy products
- Potatoes


 At face value, the Paleo Diet uses some pretty solid reasoning as to why these foods are verboten, but on further review, it can begin to seem a bit simplistic and overly-restrictive. Like so many other things in life, the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle so let’s take a look at the no-fly list and see if we can’t find some common ground.

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I've eaten like a cavewoman for half a year now, and I think it's a wonderful lifestyle. I feel more energetic, I look healthier and I AM healthier.  But the best thing is that I've lost the craving for food; I now understand that the craving comes with eating carbo hydrates. I feel that now I've got a normal relation with food, it no longer forces my thoughts in the direction of the larder. I was always trying to lose weight, trying diets, going hungry and never having success - you know that sort of story. Now I eat what I want, I never go hungry and very slowly I'm losing weight.

I should stop, you'll think I sound like an ad!

Chris thanks do much for your input. I've been trying to eat this way - I do eat oatmeal in morning and I am still trying to conquer tortilla chips and popcorn. But I am feeling so much better since I started eating Paleo.

Never heard of this diet before, but it sounds like it's worth trying.

Potatoes are the difficult one for me to give-up, as I was raised in Idaho Potato country and love those tubers!  I think I could eat them for 3 meals a day and never get tired of them.

However, when I went on the Atkins diet, I had no trouble giving them up for the year I followed it.

I wouldn't have believed that I could give up bread and mature cheese (yes, Dutch cheesehead) but I don't even miss them.

I like this diet. The reasoning behind it is pretty intuitive. I have heard that the diet tends to be deficient in calcium. Did cavemen eat bones or something?

Yeah I think they did eat bones too. But we can take Calcium pills or eat something high in calcium - I'd have to look up exactly what. I think nuts are high in calcium - will check - thank you Edward.

Almonds are also extremely high in calcium. Raw, or ground into nut butter, almonds hold 266mg of calcium per 100g.

I eat almonds daily!!

Very cool!

I've been on the diet for well over a year. During this time I have lost a lot of weight just by eating differently and I had way more energy. As a runner I found myself to be faster, took less effort, more energy, could run further, and the libido is higher. Since my deployment to Afghanistan I couldn't continue my diet plan. In 4 months I have gained 15 pounds eating the same amount of non-paleo food and hunger is rampant. I also have found running harder and I'm way more lathargec. I can't wait to get back and on the diet again.

Written from Afghanistan...

Thank you Forrest Green for your life experience with the diet. I've been trying to keep to it strictly - have some things to work on still.




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