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Heh! Those are good.
stolen from "People for the American Way".

Vote for your favorite slogan here
Maybe I will vote for them in 2012. I've always been interested in the possibility of time travel, and have wondered what life was really like during the medieval dark ages. With them in power, I could actually find out.

JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!
Palin / Beck - Who Needs Brains When You Have Chutzpah!

I am surprised that babies are listed first.
Think of it as a natural progression. "We fight for babies, they get born, after which we shoot them, and finally, they meet Jesus."
Well, this would be a great thing for President Obama. What was that Iowa poll that showed Palin in 4th place among Republicans? She is a big star on Fox and has a segment of faithful followers, but I really don't think it will translate over to the conservatives who just want pro-business tax cuts. She doesn't have the mettle to win Wall Street over.
...never underestimate the inherent stupidity of people....




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