Arianna Huffington doesn't seem impressed.  As far as I can tell, even Mrs. Palin may be surprised to learn that she has a doctrine, never having learned what the Bush Doctrine was.  Still as published in the NY Sun, BENYAMIN KORN is drooling over Mrs. Palin, and there we have it:


On the Libya crisis, she proposed a no-fly-zone to protect the armed and un-armed opposition to the Qaddafi regime. Mrs. Palin’s formulation had been blogged about for nearly a week when it was echoed by the man who, before the Iraq war, had led the Iraq democratic movement in exile, Ahmed Chalabi.


So now Mr. Obama is following Sara Palin's advice?  I suspect not.


I found the following line in Korn's Sun editorial hilarious:  Nor is Gov. Palin’s insight into complex international issues limited to areas of her immediate expertise.


Is Mrs. Palin undergoing stealth-education by some sort of puppet master?  Will she really be the next W?


O god.


(Technically not atheist but this IS in politics....)


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