The Passion of the Christ-while fictional is not necessarily antisemitic

Ok...yes the film is gory and fictional and ridiculous but I don't think Mel Gibson should have been attacked for it. Although I am a diehard non-believer I will have to admit that Mel lifted the whole scenario straight from the fairytale Bible. The Bible is, however, anti-semitic. You can't be antisemitic if you decide to visually your beliefs straight from another piece of "art". I'm not saying Mel is not an anti-semite. I'm just saying he is excorcising his right to free speech. If I want someone to respect my beliefs I have to respect there's...even if they are mentally ill. Whis all religious are. 

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I agree with you even though Mel is anti-semitic. I watched the film only to believe it had way too much whipping and bloodshed. Christians want you to believe that the only thing that kept Jesus alive here is that he was destined to die on the cross. The ending was unusual to me also. The stone on the tomb is rolled away, and here is Jesus just like he is waiting for a bus or subway train.

As far as anti-semitism goes keep in mind that the apostle Paul was the first big apostle to the gentiles. At such an early date, that took the teachings right out of Jewish hands. Over the many years it became popular to say "the Jews killed Christ." Also, there were many sects of Jews in gospel times, and a great likelihood that Jesus and his followers were Essenes. Just like today, not everyone got along.

love that waiting for a bus....hilarious!




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