There is a knock on my door Saturday and I find a man there giving out samples of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and trying to sign me up for a daily newspaper. I'm not interested but notice that the main headline is about Obama carrying out airstrikes in Iraq. One mention of that and it gets the newspaper man going. I see quickly that he is no Obama fan, so I told him what I see.

   "Nobody wanted a black man in the white house and it was said early on that the Republicons were not going to work with him. Now he gets blamed for doing nothing, but the real "do nothings" want to impeach him and have you elect them. They still claim that Obama wants your gun, and I've not even seen any evidence of that."

   My remarks must have been the straw that made the newspaper salesman open up and tell me this revealing truth. He says:

   "Oh, Obama wants your gun alright. He's always said so in the past and right now he's just waiting his time. I've personally seen the armed soldiers in military vehicles driving around on backroads in small towns. They stop and talk to people and are trying to make friends of them. That way they will catch them off guard. All they need is for Obama to give the word, but so far he hasn't because there are too many of us gun owners."

   My mind then says "WTF?" Flabbergasted by these remarks I had to let them and the newspaper salesman go, but my mind was asking these questions.

   What small towns on backroads was he talking about? I live in a small community of 1600 and drive backroads all the time. I have never seen armed military people on them. Did he mean small towns and communities of 30 or 40 people? I don't even think military convoys get lost on backroads or that they would ever be on them in the first place. Some believe this nonsense but it is totally illogical.

   Anybody got any opinions on this? How about some feedback.

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Your newspaper-hawking "friend" is full of fecal material.  This issue was tackled by the HBO series, The Newsroom not that long ago.  In this scene, we once again learn that those who want to insist that Obama wants yer guns are talking out of their individual and collective hats.  The TV show may be fictional, but the facts aren't, and they speak for themselves.

Loren, I agree with you and Freethinker. Thanks for that link. Strange that some say the link was made in Obama's first 2 years, but what about now? Some comments in the You Tube link are saying that and hawking up the same old bullshit as before. It appears that you just can't tell these people anything and they think someone is going to take their guns tomorrow. I don't get it.

It's very simple, Mike - they don't want to acknowledge inconvenient facts, especially when those facts contradict their tightly-held positions.

I can see this, but why is it that they do not understand we will be able to see that they are lying?

Their argument is like something out of my high school days when we were talking Karate. One person there called it K-rate and argued that there was both Karate and K-rate in order to cover up for his ignorance. We thought he was a moron.

I agree. I'll post more on him later this week on an investment scam. Anyone with common sense and a computer could see it. Would you believe this man was about 40 years old?

This is the only gun I ever needed and I did all the tricks they do in old western movies. Used to be a crack shot but I haven't even practiced now in many years. Maybe I finally grew up.

Google "Obama's secret army" and stand back because the Obama haters/conspiracy nuts are legion. 




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