Being on the city council means I can't get away with ignoring pesky ordinances like shovelling my sidewalks, and I have a corner lot to boot.

The Lutheran God who resides in the church across the street must have noted my appointment to the board.

The last two Friday nights, the skies have opened and dumped a bunch of snow. Not enough to break the drought, but enough to shovel.

As they have services on Saturday, and there is no parking lot, my side of the street gets a lot of parishioners parking for services. That means I have to be out in the night or early morning to shovel, as it would be immediately noticed.

Actually I don't mind shovelling my walks so the church's parishioners are safe getting out of cars and walking over to the church. They are my friends and neighbours from the village and the ranches around here, and I know most everyone. I wouldn't want someone to get hurt slipping on my walks, whatever the reason they are using them. - James.

PS: this is my first post from my spankin'-new supercharged drop top four-on-the-floor HP Netbook with rumble seat and airbags that my wife bought for me on Wrestling Day (er . . . Boxing Day). I have been away getting the thing up and running, and have much more to do to transfer files from my old Compaq XP laptop yet, so I will probably not be posting much. (Large cheer from the audience hall.)

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