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James, when I watched this the scales fell off my eyes. (No comparison to Paul intended.) When I watched this I realized what it's all about. It's the horse. It has to be because I remembered that even my car has certain powers of the horse. Its engine has "horsepower."

Therefore I will gladly give up my Gatoraide to the horse daily as I'm secretly wanting a drink that only the horse can provide. Those that are deemed worthy finally achieve this drink. Many others keep drinking various beers and you hear the blasphemers say "this tastes like horse piss." How wonderful to know that if you feel hollow and hungry you can worship the horse and finally get the real thing.

Yes, the horse. The creator of all things. Even creation takes horsepower.

Or the bartender who asked the customer what brand of beer he wanted and the customer said, "Doesn't matter, it all came from the same Picture of the Horse." The implication being that the Picture created Heaven and Earth and that it is the Picture who should be worshipped. All else is just horsing around. Why do you think so many Confederate colonels are honored with equestrian statues? They rode horses. But when photographed, the statues are an homage to the Picture of the Horse, the Almighty, the Creator, the Beneficent, the Merciful, the Exasperating, the Noisy, the Polluting, the Excrescent Excremental Bullshit Deity.

I can't explain everything, I am a little hoarse...

That's horses' shit

The primary reason that cats will never develop a system of organized religion [each of seven cats in a living room thinks "I am God."]


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