This time I am in argument with my mother over "under god" being in the pledge and how we are disrespectful to our country for not saying it. I am going insane with people confusing patriotism with or pledge that was altered in 1954 and violates our first amendment. I am very much in agreement with the rest of our allegiance; just not the "god" part. Any other rants out there?

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I want to tear my hair out when I hear, 'It's just a theory." ARGHHHH

The "cell theory" isn't being questioned every day now is it?
Nor that pesky thing called gravity...:)
You are hilarious!

I heard a response about the theory of gravity that says go jump off a building if it's 'just a theory' hehehe

If I may return to the Pledge, I like to remind xians:

1. Before those words were added, America won two major wars, and

2. After those words were added, America has mainly overthrown elected governments and lost wars.

And this:

In WW1 and WW2, the words GOTT MIT UNS (god is with us) was on German soldiers belt buckles.

Why do xians want America to be under god? Do they need a dominant/submissive relationship?


When I taught U S history I'd say that the first draftee on every side was god, and the first casualty was truth.  Hasn't changed.


Right you are, Jerry.

Do they need a dominant/submissive relationship?

I remember, as a young kid leaving a service, thinking how we gave God the sorts of allowances we'd never tolerate from a human leader, and not being sure that was right.

Then again, domination and submission are supposed to be basic behaviors from the "reptile brain".

Tom - that is a great insight.  Isn't it interesting too that before the words were "indivisible" and since all we have done is divide based on ethnicity and religion?  Almost 60 years of dividing people on based on superficial qualities.  Oh how proud should I be of our human race?
Not aware of that treaty but will look it up. You are right- they think it' s been there since whenever way back when it was formed. We are disrespecting those who chose to leave it out.
You were a little heathen boy from the start. ;)



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