So I believe in the power to thought what you hold in your mind is what you will gravatate twords I'm not talking about creative visueal thought or magic but I think there is something to how you think is where you go in life. I personily find when I'm really postive about the day things go a lot easer people I talk to are in better moods traffic does not seem to suck and over all life is good. So. As a Godless person is it possible to believe in the power of thought? Have you experienced this? Is there a science to the power of thought or is it just a theory? do share your.....thoughts ;)

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Great post, and as far as i know, you can believe in the power of thought. im experiencing if its a god real thing or isnt real at all right now lol (you know what it is Azel lol) right now its just a theory for now (not the scientific theory the "eh its just a theory not real" kind lol) and i think i heard Oprah say something like that some years ago and she says that its all a matter of thought, which im not a big fan of that because what she teached was that if you think positive you get what u want, but if something bad happens, its your fault that you were positive enough and stuff, which i didnt like at all, but what your saying seems to be alot better lol
well thats my thought on it at the moment
Good reply I agree 
:) lol id think you would have given a rebuttal ;)
Ok here is my is about work and it depends on how much work you put into it I have yet tower a person who has not gaven there all and gotten nothing but there out look has also played a huge part in there sucess if you just think happy thoughts then do not expect much out of life if you expect good things and are willing to fall on your butt them you are well on your way to victory
great response :) i totally agree with you :)
I agree positive thought and positive action do make it more likely it that you will succeed at your goals.

This website is about the "law of attraction". Sorry, this is NOT science. It is psuedoscience that would like to characterize itself as science. It is much like religion in that it is a system of blaming the victim. Just been brutally beaten? Depending on your belief system, it's because it's karma, you did something to deserve it, God doesn't love you, you didn't pray enough, or (law of attraction) you attracted it by thinking negative.


Positive thinking can make a person feel better simply b/c they have a better outlook. It can give a person confidence to try things they otherwise wouldn't, and not feel so terrible if things don't work out. Negative thinking, however, has important purposes too: preparing people for all possibilities and thinking realistically. People's thoughts can show through in their attitudes and things they say unintentionally, but a person's thoughts alone do not influence outside matter.


I prefer to think in terms of productive and non-productive thinking. Negative thinking is not productive when a person is surrounded by a cloud of futility. Positive thinking is not productive when a person is out of touch with reality and thinks that just by daydreaming about how much weight they're going to lose, they'll lose weight with no effort (actual strategy from The Secret).

no was talking about science. not every atheist thinks the same. agree to disagree
Hemant was talking about science.

Well the science of thought is really still in it's infancy, but there have been many philosophies dealing with mental states, Sanskrit is said to have many words describing subtle states of mind - and this makes sense when considering the focus of Vedic culture was on inner wisdom and strength.


Then there's this:


I guess I really need to buy some satin underpants ^^

According to this, a heavy person should have a better chance at getting a job! If only that were true.
Yes and I would go even much deeper than this. I think we all can experience a power, an energy, a "life-force", or a "spirit", and that this is just something natural and not supernatural at all. It seems to me that we have evolved to feel powerful motivations for living life well, for believing ourselves to be good and worthwhile, for feeling like we have a sense of purpose and a meaning to our lives, purely as a matter of survival of the fittest. Obviously organisms who experience life this way would have a survival advantage over organisms who didn't, or who lacked such convictions, or were ambivalent about whether they were "good" and life was worth living. There is definitely a power in feeling and believing positively and creatively about oneself.




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