So I believe in the power to thought what you hold in your mind is what you will gravatate twords I'm not talking about creative visueal thought or magic but I think there is something to how you think is where you go in life. I personily find when I'm really postive about the day things go a lot easer people I talk to are in better moods traffic does not seem to suck and over all life is good. So. As a Godless person is it possible to believe in the power of thought? Have you experienced this? Is there a science to the power of thought or is it just a theory? do share your.....thoughts ;)

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I think some would call the power of thought a choice of attitude. As conceptual beings we can do more than be reactive. Planning to have a good day is somewhere on the road to having it turn out that way. People often ask others how they're doing out of self preservation more than concern for the well being of another. At least they may avoid a few deranged individuals about to go postal this way.
I think I lived this philosophy this week. We are totally understaffed due to injuries so our manager asked a couple of us from PM's to work as many double shifts as we could. So this week I worked my ass off and thanked the ether for the opportunity. This same week I was pulled over for speeding twice and each time given a warning! I've previously been stopped 5 times in 22 years and always ticketed.
Read Barbara Ehrenreich's "Brightsided" for a skeptic's look at all this positive thinking crap.




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