The presence of warm blooded features in cold blooded 'saurs

Could dinosaurs have been mammalion
Or in other words; somebody take a look at the duck billed platypus

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Links, plz.
Hello Skepticcat, yes i understand gigantotherm as your links point out with examples we see it is proven. The point i've been attempting to propound is that conditions on Earth then would have been so different if one accepts some catastrophe caused their extinction. I'm at an early stage of researching the notion that the Earth was a static yet orbiting planet, which would totally change the effect the exchange within the gigantothermic heat exchange rates. Early days yet.
You seem to be knowledgeable about this sort of thing... what's the term for dinosaur-era (and possibly pre-dinosaur-era) creatures? I'm enough of a layperson still that I can speak of what we laity do, and I know that people will often say "dinosaur" when they don't mean "dinosaur" in the technical sense but only in the sense of animals from the mesozoic era. Is it "mesozoa"?
Just read your profile, well i'm not actually after dissonance i've actually been asking questions to help with some of my own opinions. These are based on what has happened to the planet to cause such an mass extinction and elements from that about how we evolve in the future (this has much to do, i feel with the saros cycle and it's role in our continuing development). We know that they happen but never so contemporarily widespread. Still working on that. As to your tongue in cheek remark about how much i know, well we'll let that pass it depends on the question i suppose. Been scratching my head over what to call pre-dinosaurs or contempories of dinosaurs best i've got so far is mezopods, but you've caught me out on that one , and i'm not usually short of a smart ass reply. :)




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