I've been and will remain a supporter of Barack Obama, but I don't like the way he keeps caving to the tea party and repubs. I mean, it's like he asks Crybaby Boehner permission to do anything. Last week he rescheduled his speech because they didn't like the timing. I wish he would've (and I like to think I would've) said something like "I'm the President of the United States! I call the damn meetings. You better get your ass there on time!"  


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I was also offended by that.  But then someone said it was a media hype that normally would not have even gotten any press except that now everything gets press no matter what.  So I decided to push past it. But in general, yes, he does not get enough respect.
I agree completely. I was an Obama supporter and I'd still vote for him rather than any of the current Republican candidates, but I really, really hope that there's a primary challenger on the Democratic or Independent side that I can get behind.
Yeah. I agree with some of his positions, but others I find extreme. It would be a double-edged sword for me :)

He's actually a right-winger, but more the libertarian type. Some of his questional positions (in my opinion) are:

(1) Opposition to firearm regulation
(2) Opposition to membership in the UN
(3) Elimination of legal tender (National currency)
(4) Although he beleives that the decision should be state level, he is extremely pro-life (anti-choice)
(5) Opposition to the Civil Rights act of 1964 (believes that individuals should be allowed to discriminate for employment, commerce, private education, etc) but thinks the federal government shouldn't discriminate
(6) Opposition to the interpretation that fredom of religion = freedom from religion (prayer in public schools is fine, religious displays on federal property is fine)
(7) Opposition to environmental protection regulation
(8) Promotion of excise taxes rather than income taxes. (Excise taxes are regressive in nature)

Basically, he is very, very libertarian to the point of almost being an anarchist.


The points on which I agree with Ron Paul are:
(1) Withdrawal from wars in middle east
(2) Removal of the Patriot Act
(3) Opposition to NAFTA
(4) Legalization of Marijuana
(5) Opposition to Federal "Enhanced Interrogations"

I'm sorry. I was thinking Ron Paul....

I am also a Bernie Sanders lover. :)

Josh, if you mean Mr. Obama has some positions too extreme for you, I'd like to know which ones.  I only wish he would (1) take a more extreme position on most issues, and

(2) hold to them in the face of opposition.

No, when Eric said Bernie Sanders, for some reason I thought Ron Paul. No idea why.....getting old I guess.

Mr. Obama is too centrist for my taste. He needs to be left of center IMO.

This came up in a conversation with some acquaintances the other day.  Are you voting for one person, or is you vote against the other person.  In 2010, my vote was for Obama.  However, I'm having some "buyer's remorse" at this point.  I just wish the guy (and the rest of the Dems in Congress) would grow a backbone and stand up for their purported principles.  Every time the right wing propaganda machine spews forth their lying vomitus,  e.g. death panels and killing grandma in the health care act, the Dems back down.  The recent budget battle was a prime example.  "We'll force the US into default unless you give us everything we want."  And guess what, the right wing extremists got it.  

The national tear duct from Cincinnati, Ohio (Boehner), is a prime example of a dog being wagged by the Teabagger tail.  There's a prime example of party and ideology first, and what is good for the country coming in third or fourth.

Given the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates, I plan on casting my vote against whoever their nominee is, not necessarily in favor of the incumbent.  Maybe, just maybe, the majority of Americans will have had enough of the Teabaggers, and give control of Congress back to more rational and educated people.  Time will tell.

But President Obama is rational, educated, well-spoken, has a sense of humor and a sense of history-in-the-making.... I honestly can't understand why those qualities aren't promoted more.  He is sensible...his speeches and press conferences and debates have always made me feel proud that I elected him.  His policy making is often hampered by Congress and all the bickering and partisanship.


He needs to distance himself from the 'chatter' of the media circus and 24 hour non-news and just come up with some plans to get us out of this economic mess, out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to stimulate the job market with public and private sector cooperation, and take the traditional Democratic outlook on the environment, education, health care, etc.  I want President Obama to be stronger in those areas whenever he makes all the public appearances he makes... like other people have mentioned, he needs to show a 'back bone' against the extremists in the GOP and not shy away from the issues that attract Democrat and Independents.  His leadership is continually being questioned and he needs to emphasize his abilities and strengths...the American people are getting more cynical by the minute about 'politics as usual' in Washington.  As an incumbent, he has to work even harder to remind me why I voted for him in the first place!

The "he has no backbone" thing has a grain of truth (mainly, don't try to win approval of people who are so determined to hate you that they will even change their own political positions just to be contrary) but a lot of that is media hype too. He's not a miracle worker. If a majority of congress is against him, there isn't a lot that he can do. I think lately he's been exposing them for what they are, though.
Yes..if he takes the high road it makes them look petty and childish with the insistence of saying 'no' to anything President Obama proposes to get the country working again.  Even ideas THEY came up with sometimes! Obstructionism at its finest.  This could honestly be dragged on for 14+ more months and that is just soooo frustrating.
There is something to say about presidents being neither Democrat or Republican once they've been elected...they lead the country...they can't be too partisan either way.  Although presidential candidates run for the party ticket, once they're in office, they need to moderate their views and bring in both sides and compromise...not capitulate...compromise.  Neither party gets everything they want.  President Obama is the president of the USA, not the Democrats alone.  He certainly hasn't swerved very far to the left in MY opinion.  I think he's very balanced in his approach.  I watched the speech last night on CNN and was impressed with his attempt to bring in parts that both sides can agree to.  Not saying they WILL.  But the potential for bipartisanship is there.  Therefore policy-making can take place...this is a better environment for it to grow than the constant 'my way of the highway' approach that's taken root in Congress!  The thing that's plaguing President Obama is the way he's allowed the far right to define the problems and define what leadership means..they get to frame the entire argument.  He needs to start knocking down these perceptions that the far right keep perpetuating...or he will be knocked down.




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