I've been and will remain a supporter of Barack Obama, but I don't like the way he keeps caving to the tea party and repubs. I mean, it's like he asks Crybaby Boehner permission to do anything. Last week he rescheduled his speech because they didn't like the timing. I wish he would've (and I like to think I would've) said something like "I'm the President of the United States! I call the damn meetings. You better get your ass there on time!"  


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But President Obama is rational, educated, well-spoken, has a sense of humor and a sense of history-in-the-making.... I honestly can't understand why those qualities aren't promoted more.  He is sensible...his speeches and press conferences and debates have always made me feel proud that I elected him.  His policy making is often hampered by Congress and all the bickering and partisanship.


He needs to distance himself from the 'chatter' of the media circus and 24 hour non-news and just come up with some plans to get us out of this economic mess, out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to stimulate the job market with public and private sector cooperation, and take the traditional Democratic outlook on the environment, education, health care, etc.  I want President Obama to be stronger in those areas whenever he makes all the public appearances he makes... like other people have mentioned, he needs to show a 'back bone' against the extremists in the GOP and not shy away from the issues that attract Democrat and Independents.  His leadership is continually being questioned and he needs to emphasize his abilities and strengths...the American people are getting more cynical by the minute about 'politics as usual' in Washington.  As an incumbent, he has to work even harder to remind me why I voted for him in the first place!

The "he has no backbone" thing has a grain of truth (mainly, don't try to win approval of people who are so determined to hate you that they will even change their own political positions just to be contrary) but a lot of that is media hype too. He's not a miracle worker. If a majority of congress is against him, there isn't a lot that he can do. I think lately he's been exposing them for what they are, though.
Yes..if he takes the high road it makes them look petty and childish with the insistence of saying 'no' to anything President Obama proposes to get the country working again.  Even ideas THEY came up with sometimes! Obstructionism at its finest.  This could honestly be dragged on for 14+ more months and that is just soooo frustrating.
@pat-I'm with ya. You know, I find it strange that they(Dems) want to pretend to not be what they actually are, in order to not put off voters. The majority voted them in because of being tired of the right's policy failures. Why won't they say "Hell yeah, I'm liberal, you should be, too." It's like all politicians want to play to the middle. I guess it's because they know how short voter's memories are. Just like the house flipping in the last election. Obama gets elected, less than two years later everybody's not driving a golden Cadillac, so they vote tea-party. It's so stupid. Then the guy is handcuffed and they say he's ineffective. Duh.
There is something to say about presidents being neither Democrat or Republican once they've been elected...they lead the country...they can't be too partisan either way.  Although presidential candidates run for the party ticket, once they're in office, they need to moderate their views and bring in both sides and compromise...not capitulate...compromise.  Neither party gets everything they want.  President Obama is the president of the USA, not the Democrats alone.  He certainly hasn't swerved very far to the left in MY opinion.  I think he's very balanced in his approach.  I watched the speech last night on CNN and was impressed with his attempt to bring in parts that both sides can agree to.  Not saying they WILL.  But the potential for bipartisanship is there.  Therefore policy-making can take place...this is a better environment for it to grow than the constant 'my way of the highway' approach that's taken root in Congress!  The thing that's plaguing President Obama is the way he's allowed the far right to define the problems and define what leadership means..they get to frame the entire argument.  He needs to start knocking down these perceptions that the far right keep perpetuating...or he will be knocked down.

While your argument seems very rational, the fact of the matter is that the president is elected because of his stances on issues. Yes, he's the president for everyone, but if a majority of the people who voted for him did so because he said he'd end the Bush tax cuts, then he better damn well end the Bush tax cuts.

He was elected because he was a democrat with a certain platform, not because he was a centrist.

I agree that he didn't run as a centrist.  I think he has been forced to be as moderate as the occasion presents itself!  He cannot appear too partisan...it would show favoritism. But his core Liberal principles still stand....I think he realizes that dismantling the federal government is going too far and basic protections need to stay in place for citizens in need. Taxing the disadvantaged, removing the right to collectively bargain, holding up unemployment checks, refusing to pay for disaster relief....THOSE were not the kinds of actions that he nor members of the Democratic Party would ever support.


My favorite quote from last night's speech was "We should have no more regulation than the health, safety, and security of America require."  Government can be a force for GOOD....and that's the antithesis of the Republican platform.  Being socially progressive, supporting free speech, supporting civil rights and civil liberties....always keeping the health, welfare, and education of American citizens at the forefront...I think President Obama has not lost those ideals.


Ending the Bush tax cuts is something he's still working on...I agree that he needs to be much more forceful on that issue.   And reforming the unfair tax code. And not accepting any attempt to dismantle social security and many of the safety needs that so many Americans depend on.  Yes,they should be reformed and reformulated to be more efficient....but repealed? Replaced with what?   


President Obama also is getting flack about the federal health care reform act....being demonized as a 'job killer' instead of a 'cost cutter'. The GOP attempt to privatize health care (and just about everything else the federal gov't is currently responsible for) was made pretty clear during the Candidate's Debate Wed pm.  Repealing 'Obama-care' was mentioned as a goal of every one of the candidates.  And it got applause...lots of applause.  


Gingrich even called it a 'monstrosity', and a 'disaster'.  He even used the phrase "Obama is committed to class warfare".  HUH? I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.  You know what a 'disaster' is, Newt? It's having to go to a physician but not being able to afford to pay out of your own pocket...waiting too long to see a doctor....your condition gets worse....going to the emergency room and some illness that was preventable ends up costing you and your family more money than you make in a year.  THAT is a monstrosity...and affordable health care is nothing a man like Newt Gingrich will ever have to worry is big chubby head about.

I think elected Dem Presidents start left and wind up center. Elected Republicans seem to try to go as far right as they can get away with, hell, W. suspended Habeas Corpus. I think they could simplify the whole matter by renaming the parties 'Industrial' and 'Citizens'. HAHA
I think that part of the problem is that the "center" in politics is to the right of where it used to be. Even moderate liberals are considered "Far left" these days.
I will never really 'support' the lesser of two evils.



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