the internet is a great and wonderful thing.  it has, however, exposed many Americans to the deranged and backwards thinking of far too many of our fellow Countrymen.  be it Facebook or the comments sections on websites, we see a disgusting display of anti-intellectualism.  this article states it quite clearly so i recommend reading it.  

for a bonus, i give you an example from today.  behold:

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Check me on this, but I think Isaac knew whereof he spoke.

has it gotten better or worse since then?

Professor Julius Sumner Miller, an American who was famous in Australia for many years, also talked about this.

Miller was brilliant and I still have his physics books which I studied while I was 10 to 12 years old and often watched his TV appearances.  Though I don't think things have improved much since his time, in ways, because of technology, brains have in ways gotten lazier and children would rather play games than think.

There are pluses and minuses in the modern times, but as JSM stated, there is no sense of reason for academic rigor, which many had when such rigor was required to pursue a career. We have now a society where brain laziness is often encouraged and they can reap the same rewards as those who push themselves to attain a rational understanding of the world.

I wept when he died, what Mum, no more books from him?  :(  

The late, great good doctor's full column in Newsweek (21 January 1980) is still worth reading!

He deftly mixes in what might well be some satire, but concludes seriously:

I believe that every human being with a physically normal brain can learn a great deal and can be surprisingly intellectual. I believe that what we badly need is social approval of learning and social rewards for learning.

We can all be members of the intellectual elite and then, and only then, will a phrase like "America's right to know" and, indeed, any true concept of democracy, have any meaning.


I think that things are worse since Asimov first made his quote. People are so stupid today that they think they can believe anything that they want to and that makes it truth!

You bonus bonker lady there was pretty nuts, but there are people like this. I wouldn't be surprised if our fundamentalists start going to radical extremes "for their god" just like Muslims. Then we would have Evangelical shooters and suicide bombers.

A few years ago at another address with a community mailbox a neighbor met me there and was almost frantic that lesbians had moved into our area. I'm still not sure if he thought they were going to come over and rape his wife, or just torture him. Stupid bastard.

i think it's worse too, if only b/c people had an excuse for their ignorance back then.  today - no excuse.  it's tribalism at its worst.  that may not be so bad if we had more than 2 tribes, but since the country is nearly split 50/50 between liberals and conservatives, and one of those tribes attracts the majority of anti-intellectuals, it's approaching a public crisis.  

Getting used to different neighbours in a quiet way is the key, and it solves almost all neighbour problems, except for loud music and dogs droppings. If only the churches would let it happen...

It's the disconnected innocence of the republican politicians that stands out to me. Talk about ignorance is bliss!!

Ignorance is slavery.

Your right, they're slaves to their own self bewilderment.

The bonkers xtian woman in the video - who knows how she lived? I know how difficult it is to get educated when parents etc. try to isolate you and keep you stupid and obedient. She is clearly the well-indoctrinated product of such a world. I pity her.




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