the internet is a great and wonderful thing.  it has, however, exposed many Americans to the deranged and backwards thinking of far too many of our fellow Countrymen.  be it Facebook or the comments sections on websites, we see a disgusting display of anti-intellectualism.  this article states it quite clearly so i recommend reading it.  

for a bonus, i give you an example from today.  behold:

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True, Loren. I think it also boils down to laziness. Especially with the advent of technology, it seems that people are enamored by the most inane things. This can be seen plain as day on Facebook and other forms of social media, where the nonsensical meme ''wars,'' and competition of who has the best one liners to capture the most 'likes' are the main attractions. I read an article recently talking about how high school age kids have no interest in reading books, and that just saddened me. But not surprising for what competes with potentially gaining intellectual stimulation, is the instant gratification of social media. 

Many people simply regard knowledge gathering as ''square''.

Trump is leading the anti-intellectual movement. He advised people to change how they vaccinate their children. He stated the National Enquirer should get a Pulitzer for the pic of the father of Ted Cruz with Lee Harvey Oswald. Then there is the claim of a climate warming hoax. The list is endless. Yes, the information age also ushers in much misinformation. People don't bother to check the source of information.

Funny how climate change (global climate destabilization) isn't so much of a hoax when it threatens tRump's own golf courses!



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