Monozygotic twins started life as a single fertilized egg that splits during development.  However, the "soul" was magically inserted into the zygote at the moment of conception (i.e. as soon as the sperm penetrated the egg).  So, a few divisions after conception the split occurs and suddenly we have what?  Do the zygotes split a "soul".  Does one zygote keep the soul and the other is shit out of luck?  Somebody help me out here, I'm confused!!

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Oh Jennifer, you are just wicked beyond belief!!
LOL, I love this. But here's the thing. The reasons for belief in this crap isn't based in logic, and no amount of rationality can convince someone against something that they don't have a logical cause for believing in the first place.
Yep, that's the problem at every turn with theists.
LOL Any view that there is a soul (in the religious spooky sense) leads to logical contradictions; but that one is funny.

I like to ask these things to believers that question my atheism. A favourite is"

"If God is all knowing, past, present and future of everything and everyone, then how our our lives free from pre-destination? If God knows ahead of time that a human will not choose Him in life, but end up in hell, then isn't that person pre-destined to hell from the beginning? Does that person really have a freedom of choice? And how is that fair to the created human soul?"
I'm sure the answer would be 'god can do anything, all souls are put in place perfectly- they way he wants is best, blah blah blah'

I used to think I was a chimera b/c of strange white line that ran from forehead to nether regions as child, then faded to only on my stomach. Now it's almost gone, extremely faint by age 23, now 27.
If it isen't got by 30 then take two aspirin and call me in the morning.
I've received a revelation directly from God that the soul does not enter the body until ten days after birth.
I thought it was 7 days, isen't that a magic number?
I have a comment. Although most belief systems are similar they are not all the same. Given this, I hope that the issues can be presented broadly and not stated as an inconsistency/problem for one belief system only.
The issue being raised is existence of a soul something that is not in agreement with observed facts. This is a hard to prove situation. There is no self without the body, this can simply be proved by showing how the self or the soul of an individuals transforms during life experiences and if the influence is from body to soul, then what is the part that soul is playing?
Life presents enough examples for us to know that our life experiences make us who we are, our choices are not predictable with a high degree of precision though Bayesian approach might help get close.


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