Monozygotic twins started life as a single fertilized egg that splits during development.  However, the "soul" was magically inserted into the zygote at the moment of conception (i.e. as soon as the sperm penetrated the egg).  So, a few divisions after conception the split occurs and suddenly we have what?  Do the zygotes split a "soul".  Does one zygote keep the soul and the other is shit out of luck?  Somebody help me out here, I'm confused!!

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"Soul" is a noun. So is "phenomenon", and "phenomena" is the plural of "phenomenon". You probably don't care at all, but you should be red-faced with embarrassment.
Oh devistation!
The ignormoney of such an era.
My spilling and condewgation are terebel.
Oh now c'mon funk, ya big party pooper!!
That's probably good enough!
I was under the impression that the future-twin zygote receives 2 souls at conception. It is the presence of 2 souls that stimulates the split.

I don't think that chimeras are dealt with theologically. Possibly, only one started out with a soul in the first place, and the second is a parasitic zombie.
Yet one more party pooper!
Wow, that explains why I don't have a soul, my brother got it and I am SOL. :)
Sue him in court, you're entitled to half that soul!
Actually, in Leviticus the Bible says that "the life of the creature is the blood of it." And since my understanding (from watching CSI) is that a fetus has no blood until about 18 days after conception, it must be at this point that the body is equipped with a soul.
Hope that helps.
Ah, theology makes strange tile cleaners? (As in "Politics makes strange bed fellows")
That's why there's always a good and an evil twin ;)
There's a theory that all of us left-handed people had a twin in the womb that we absorbed. Does this then mean that I am the evil twin without the soul, and thus I stole my sibling's?

Am I a prenatal cannibal? D;




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