Hi all, one of my main issues I have with the various religious groups, is their constant obsession with money. I am not from America, but you only have to take a brief look at the fundamentalist American religious TV channels , to realise these guys are in it as a business. I am obviously cynical, but, if you truly believe in God, and are convinced you will some day meet him, how could you face his wrath after taking cash from people, many who probably cant afford it, to fund your BMW lifestyle. Surely you God would be displeased with you, and cast you into the pit. A truly religious person couldn't take that chance, and so, its my view that these guys are more atheist than I. They know the truth and simply exploit the vulnerable.

It reminds me of the spiritualists who charge money to contact your dead relatives. Once again, if you were truly blessed with this ability, then surely you would KNOW that there was an afterlife, and it follows, a God. To then face God after taking money from needy people, by using this supposed his God-given special gift, would surely condemn you. 

I am always amazed at how gullible people can be, to follow these charlatans, and listen to their rhetoric.


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Before money, the vulnerable gave the charlatans things (including food) and favors.

When our ancestors were pond scum, the big survived by eating the small and weak. Most non-human carnivores still survive this way.

Which inspires this question: when did exchange replace robbery?

Here's what explains the behavior for me: They who carve the buddha do not worship the buddha.

Welcome, Alan; I sometimes think sociopathy rules.

Brandi, the real shame is that, more than likely, a great number of those televised bible-thumpers won't reap what they sow.  It's possible that they MIGHT, presuming that their flock come to their senses and call Robertson and Hagee and Hinn and the others on their bullshit, but I'm frankly dubious that will happen.  Their followers drink the Kool-Aid by the gallon and savor every drop.  Their addicted to the opiate of religion, and I doubt they could bear the pain of cold-turkey withdrawal or the thought of thinking for themselves.  They can't hear us and don't want to see us, because we rattle the cage they've consigned themselves to too much.  They are GONE.

The most we can hope for is that they and their generation will die out.  Over time, the influence of their words and actions will be lost in favor of those who ARE willing to think for themselves, to take responsibility for themselves and for their own lives, and who have no use for dogma, artificial doctrine, or the myths and superstitions which have driven religion for millennia.

We're the tip of that spear, Brandi, the leading edge of the change from irrationality to reason.  Some of them actually know that and resist, which is why this whole business is so painful.  Still, it's worth it.  I'm convinced it is.

A friend of mine says that all religions have one thing in common in their services, and that is when they pass the collection plate.




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