Hi- I'm new here. I'm an atheist like you. It's not a big deal, I knew I was an atheist about forty-five years ago.  I've never denied I was an atheist and I never made an issue of it; not unlike most people who are religious, it's a non-issue.  I'm sad to see so many atheist evangelicals, militants and people who are just intolerant of people who are religious.  We don't have to lower ourselves, we can best lead by example.  I've had too many people in my life reject atheism because of atheistic arrogance. You know perfectly well there are some idiot atheists out there.  You or I might be one. 

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What's unfortunate is that as soon as you open up your mouth and declare your atheism, no matter how innocently or humbly you do so, many (most?) Christians are going to be offended. I don't get offended when I see someone wearing a cross around their neck, or someone with a religious-inspired T-shirt; but when I wear a shirt that says "Friendly Neighborhood Atheist," I am treated with contempt by theists. Not always, as most will tend to ignore the shirt and not bring it up. But, for the most part, atheists are often considered a second-class minority with a mental illness: someone who has turned their back on god so they can commit "sins" as they see fit. Just by declaring your atheism is often seen "militant" by many.


Now, it's more important than ever for atheists to declare themselves, in light of the political candidates running for office in 2012. This nation cannot afford to have a theologian masquerading as a president leading the country.


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