Sfar is from Algerian jewish stock, whose family live in France. His mother died when he was around four years. He has been cartooning from childhood. He literally scratches out cartoons with ink pens whenever he can. He is atheist judging by the sly narration of a cat on his observation of Jewish lore. The cat is cheekily drawn. There is much sense of spontaneity in how he draws. The narrative humour is basically a take on religion. The Rabbi becomes vexed when the cat discovers he can speak. " That is all very well" says the rabbi "but now you tell lies too". He bans the cat from his daughter, the cat 's mistress. He persuades the rabbi to teach him religion in order to gets back in his good books and back to his mistress.That is how the story starts. Is beautifully inked and full of Sfar 's fine scratchings that are yet inside a swift, sure loose line.
There is Rabbi's cat too. The narration is more geared to adults than children. Very amusing and sly.

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Michelle, do you have a link or site reference to any of his books, cartoons, or other works of his? Sounds intriguing and I'd like to check it out.

I'll check it out. Thanks.




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