I have listened to this man say many things and he simply pulls them out of the air. He is about as accurate as the 8 ball that answers your questions with "yes', "no," and "maybe," plus he is not a politician. He has a thin skin and takes so many things personally.

   Recently he has an ongoing "feud" with the Khan family who's son was killed in the military. Despite his attacks on Mrs. Khan, a local businessman told me that investigations show the senior Khan believes in Sharia law so this means he wants to kill us, and he is our enemy. I didn't even check into the allegations of the businessman, but nonsense like this is what you get from Trump supporters. Even if this was true, does it justify what Trump did?

   Trump appears to have renewed his "feud" with Megyn Kelly. It's not so much that there is some issue on what any of this is all about, it's the pettiness of it all. We are expected to hand over nuke codes and other sensitive information to a man who acts worse than a spoiled teenager. Are we insane?

   Trump will make the Mexicans pay for the wall, and he will also load up the illegals on buses and send them back to Mexico. Ignorant people cheer while we assume due process will be ignored. Hello, Hitler.

   Back to my businessman friend again on the national debt. He assumes that Obama did something here and we have to deal with this debt. Obama did nothing. The national debt comes from policies of the previous 8 years with Bush politics and things approved by Congress, but going into practice as law later. Even so, what could Trump do about that? Is he going to give you some of his billions?

   "They say, I'm told, I'm hearing, we can figure that out when the time comes," and all the other "yes, no, maybe" of Mr. Trump is not appealing to me. When people say all of his family likes him, even ex-wives, I have to claim they know where the money comes from.

   At what stage of this game will Mr. Trump possibly decide to just pull up his pants and go home? When will he decide to quit because the public did not react properly? Will he have or cause "nuke feuds" with others? This man is much more scary than Barry Goldwater ever was.

   Any thoughts on this?

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Whether Trump said it or not you know this is how it would have to be for him to remain in the spotlight.

Yes, he supposedly asked Kasich (the only mammal in the original Repuglican lineup) if he'd like to be the most powerful VP in the history of the country.

Sadly you and maybe us in South Africa are going to find out the ramifications of chump. I am gobsmacked and truly terrified that the vacuous blob is now your leader. Terrifying times ahead. Fuck! Walking around in a daze so can only imagine how you guys are (mostly) feeling. From Obama to chump - wow! The sadness.

I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning and turned on the telly. ABC news said that Trump was the president elect and that Clinton had conceded. In my shock the first thing that went through my mind is that I hope this Orangutan doesn't get us into a nuclear war. The news also said that he is our first president to not have had any political or military experience. Trump even asked once why we could not use nuclear weapons if we had them. Why did we have them.

My wife and I live apart and were on the phone last night over an hour about all of this before any results were final. We each think a Trump presidency is very scary. As for Obama, the worst thing was that nobody wanted to work with him. Trump may find this same thing and find it from both sides. He will not be able to just do what he wants to do.

Back to Obama briefly, a friend told me recently that he was a farce because "there are not enough black people in America to have elected him." The idea that only black people would have voted for him is so openly racist that it stinks like a skunk.

We are left with president Trump who will certainly have to prove himself. For me the next 4 years will be interesting as well as fearful.

I fully agree with you, Thomas. When the right found out they could get votes by a marriage with the religious it was a very sad day for America. They have most of the religious brainwashed into seeing a myth that was never there and now they want to bring it into public schools claiming it was once there but the liberals, humanists, and non-believers had it removed. That idea is simply a lie. It's also contrary to our Constitution which many would now want changed. America may have finally succeeded in getting its Nazi leader while claiming "democracy."

While the Comey letter played a big part in Trump's victory, the roots of this seismic shift in American politics go way back. All the income gains for the last forty years have gone to the upper class. Middle class families compensated first by having two incomes and when that was not enough, they took on mountains of debt so that even though taxes are historically low, they could not get ahead. Poor families came to depend on welfare that has been gradually reduced over the years.

Resentment built up and finally reached the boiling point just as two populist candidates came forward—Trump and Sanders—both of whom had the ability to inspire large crowds. Trump easily took over the GOP, but the Democratic Party had a pre-selected candidate and could not find any way to accommodate populist sentiment. Clinton figured the Sanders voters would have nowhere to go. The media were fascinated with Trump—a new personality in politics, crude, vulgar, loud, and rich, with no ideological commitments. He got enormous amounts of free publicity and the entire focus of the election was on him from beginning to end.

The GOP has reached its goal of controlling all three branches of government, but with a President who is not entirely committed to its principles to begin with and who can change with the wind. Trump has neither the intellect nor the patience to actually do the work of the Presidency and will probably leave the details to others. That is dangerous as Reagan found out with the Iran-Contra scandal.

Trump has promised so many things he will have a hard time fulfilling his promises. I doubt he will appoint a special prosecutor to put Clinton in jail, but he is probably committed to building a wall on the border and deporting as many as he can. He will find the GOP ready and willing to get rid of financial regulations and to give the rich another huge tax cut. Whether he can eliminate the Departments of Commerce and Education is questionable, but the Environmental Protection Agency is likely to be fazed out quickly. Research on climate change will no longer be funded.

Whatever happens the American people have said by this election that they are tired of Establishment politics as usual. This was the message the voters were trying to get across by electing Trump.

I believe that's correct, but the message was somewhat blurred by placing its delivery in the hands of Trump, where it could easily be viewed as xenophobia.

 I would make no wagers on that one, Adam.  Frankly, based on his past performance, I could throw Drumpf further than I would EVER trust him.

Watch him like a hawk.

If I might for just one moment praise Donald with faint damnation, our one hope is that he really doesn't give a shit about anything except the Donald. He don't need no stinkin' conservative principles.

Yet another superb editorial by Mr. Pierce

Hillary Clinton Was More Qualified. Donald Trump Was the Better Candidate.
She has weaknesses. He exploited them.

She gave a great speech, powerful and graceful and leavened with enough obvious pain to belie (once again) the cartoon that too many people in this business have made of her.

. . . She was smart and careful, full of nine-point plans and ideas, and she was a woman. He was ignorant and reckless, full of vague promises and wild threats, and he was a man, a faux alpha-male appealing to various alpha-male wannabes.

. . . 

And thus ends a long and honorable career in public service. But it does not end HRC's public life. She is going to be investigated by Congress because the Republicans there are going to feel empowered to do so and they are going to need a diversion to prove to the new crowd in the White House that they are with the program. Trying to put HRC in jail is going to be the ultimate loyalty oath.

Failing that, and with the cooperation of an elite political media that just can't resist the prospect, the campaign to demolish her reputation will run on a parallel track to the campaign to erase the legacy of the president who was defeated on Tuesday night as surely as she was. Ugliness is going to be the ultimate loyalty oath.

Well, we're stuck with him now.



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