I have listened to this man say many things and he simply pulls them out of the air. He is about as accurate as the 8 ball that answers your questions with "yes', "no," and "maybe," plus he is not a politician. He has a thin skin and takes so many things personally.

   Recently he has an ongoing "feud" with the Khan family who's son was killed in the military. Despite his attacks on Mrs. Khan, a local businessman told me that investigations show the senior Khan believes in Sharia law so this means he wants to kill us, and he is our enemy. I didn't even check into the allegations of the businessman, but nonsense like this is what you get from Trump supporters. Even if this was true, does it justify what Trump did?

   Trump appears to have renewed his "feud" with Megyn Kelly. It's not so much that there is some issue on what any of this is all about, it's the pettiness of it all. We are expected to hand over nuke codes and other sensitive information to a man who acts worse than a spoiled teenager. Are we insane?

   Trump will make the Mexicans pay for the wall, and he will also load up the illegals on buses and send them back to Mexico. Ignorant people cheer while we assume due process will be ignored. Hello, Hitler.

   Back to my businessman friend again on the national debt. He assumes that Obama did something here and we have to deal with this debt. Obama did nothing. The national debt comes from policies of the previous 8 years with Bush politics and things approved by Congress, but going into practice as law later. Even so, what could Trump do about that? Is he going to give you some of his billions?

   "They say, I'm told, I'm hearing, we can figure that out when the time comes," and all the other "yes, no, maybe" of Mr. Trump is not appealing to me. When people say all of his family likes him, even ex-wives, I have to claim they know where the money comes from.

   At what stage of this game will Mr. Trump possibly decide to just pull up his pants and go home? When will he decide to quit because the public did not react properly? Will he have or cause "nuke feuds" with others? This man is much more scary than Barry Goldwater ever was.

   Any thoughts on this?

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Goldwater was downright reasonable by comparison.  He also knew and had a healthy respect for the traditions and usages of politics, whereas Drumpf has exactly NONE.  Donnie thinks he can wade in and play autocrat and make things run to suit his oversized ego, a misapprehension which would slap him silly in the face come 21 January, 2017 ... IF he is permitted to assume the office of the presidency.

The fact is, though, that, with 90+ days left before the election, what dear Drumpf has been doing more than anything else is demonstrating an attitude and disposition which would hardly be suited to a city councilman, let alone leader of the free world.  I STILL don't take his defeat for granted, but should it be possible, a Clinton landslide would not bother me in the slightest measure.

The GOP has ignored the lessons of the last two presidential elections.  With luck, maybe they'd learn something from such a defeat.

Pretty much every article I read about Trump, points out that he makes things up on the spot, has no empathy, no conscience, has some great dictatorial skills, does not think of the consequences of even the most terrible actions - like using nuckear weapons.

I wonder more about his supporters than him. How did the get to this point? Why do they support him, even revere him?

I wonder about McCain. A prisoner of war, honored military veteran. Trump insults that experience, dishonors McCain, accepts a purple heart from a vet with the comment this is the easy way to get one; Trump having had rich kid deferments and getting rich during the same war when McCain was being tortured. And McCain STILL has endorsement for Trump. What is the psychology there?

Loten you are right. We can not take Trump's defeat for granted. He will ruin the country, much more than Bush.

But he seems as clever as a the friggin Nazis were. Look at the range and variety of excuses the man comes up with. 

And to add to the fun, Mike Pence wants creationism taught in public schools.

Someone should tell that damnable dweeb about Edwards v. Aguillard, never mind Kitzmiller v. Dover.  This kind of cluelessness is inexcusable, and Pence deserves to be spanked for it until he can either shut up about it or recognize his error.  Being that he's a born-again christian, I doubt he's capable of either option.

I lived in Indiana for 5 years. Five years that I will never get back. True, that was 30 years ago. I remember leaving, driving into Illinois, and seeing the state sign in my rear view mirror. It was all I could do, to not cry. I've never set foot there again. Pence reflects the demands of his electorate. Pence is probably the love child of Dan Quayle and Michelle Bachmann, drunk on Baptist communion grape juice. Neither remembers they tryst.

We should let them - that is how science got its reputation in the first case by kicking the ass of these religious creeps all through the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  I say "Bring em on" and let's demolish the crackpots right in front of our students.  They will never forget it and we will have succeeded in educating the next generation of freethinkers.

The pettiness of tRump's feuds, <sigh>, he's not just spoiled. That's one of many symptoms of pathology. I agree that Barry Goldwater looks mature and well informed next to this guy.

Charles Pierce in today's Esquire blog:

Ever since the late 1970s, when it determined to ally itself with a politicized splinter of American evangelical Protestantism, having previously allied itself with the detritus of American apartheid, the Republican Party has been reeling toward catastrophe even as it succeeded at the ballot box, and taking the country along with it. Crackpot economic theories were mainstreamed in the 1980s. Crackpot conspiracy theories and god-drunk fantasies were mainstreamed in the 1990s. Crackpot imperial adventures abroad were mainstreamed in the 2000s. And all of these were mainstreamed at once in opposition to the country's first African American president over the past eight years.

Modern conservatism has proven to be not a philosophy, but a huge dose of badly manufactured absinthe. It squats in an intellectual hovel now, waiting for its next fix, while a public madman filches its tattered banner and runs around wiping his ass with it. It always was coming to this.

BB, that article has some fine writin there. I'm in awe.

I can't copy/paste so might have this wrong. Did he refer to GWB as a talking yam? I thought yams were golden. Or is that sweet potatoes? I always get that mixed up.

No, Charlie's dubbed GWB C-plus Augustus. The Vulgar Talking Yam is the Donald.

Thanks for the clarification.  I could see Trump as a yam, maybe with marshmallows.



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