The real reason Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke

" Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke, in short, because her voice threatens to
reconstitute the nature of the American public: if she were heard — if the
specificity of woman's health were publicly speakable in the hallowed halls of
Congress — then we could no longer pretend that this is simply an abstract and
legalistic question of "religion," "government," and "medicine." It would
suddenly be apparent that the female public and the male public actually have
different interests and concerns when it comes to issues like sex and

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I think the real reason Rush attacked Sandra Fluke is that he is an egotistical asshat who only cares about himself and his ratings.

So true!

I echo Steph on this one.  The very sound of his voice makes me cringe.

bingo on the ratings game.. shame folks sheep up all the time w/god guns and or gays on their noggin' instead of oh i dunno
cyber warfare)s)?

Rash Limpballs is nothing but a shock-jock who makes his living saying the most vile things on the air that he can get away with (or thinks he can).  I'm pretty sure he actually is just as morally repugnant as his radio persona; the only difference between him and your average misogynist, racist, fat, white, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, conservative trash is that he's found a way to make it pay.  Apparently - truly horrifying though it is - there are enough stupid, ignorant, vile, racist, misogynist assholes out there who want to watch this pig puke out his vile, steaming bile to make it profitable.  That's a truly scary thought.  People with maggoty brains like that are actually walking around looking just like ordinary folks.  


"This, after all, is why “privilege” is so importantly different from power or bigotry: privilege must remain ignorant of itself, because it’s the right to enjoy benefits which you aren’t even aware that others get denied."

Reason?  Rush hardly needs a reason.  His primary purpose in life is to run his mouth without first connecting it to the two remaining working brain cells in his skull on whatever is going on around him.  Sandra Fluke was simply a target of opportunity which he took and ran with, only to be told later (he couldn't recognize it himself) that he had overstepped himself for the umpti-umpth time and in this instance with someone who wasn't a public figure.

It should be restated that Limburger is of the "Ready-FIRE!-Aim" school of talk radio, which explains at least part of this circumstance.

real rea$on? ha. notice the sign.


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