The real reason the Old King James is the only true word of God

  Is all about the experience not the content. J.K. Rowling understands this as well as Hollywood. Rowling did not in her Harry Potter books have kids say "fix the car" and point a stick at it. Instead they said" Presto fixo repairo the caro" and zapped the car.(not an exact quote) She filled us with magical, mystical words.

  In Denver there is a Mexican restaurant that serves terrible food. The food has been horrible since I was a child. ALL of Colorado jokes about it. The restaurant is like a theme park complete with a pond and cliff divers. Each dining room is a different theme. Such as a cave, a royal banquet room etc. People hate the food but go for the experience.

  Many Christians go to church for the experience even though they don't really believe in God.

   I have never got a good answer from Christians about why the old king James bible is the best. I have seen scholars debate the issue but they are simply to complex to see the obvious. They delve deeply into the merits of texts and miss the point entirely.

  It is so simple it has been missed.  Which sounds more Devine?

  Don't kill.

  Thou shalt not kill.

  It's just that simple. The Old King James has Many, many serious flaws. But we are talking  about the experience not the content. It sounds more Devinely inspired. It sounds more magical. It sounds more mysterious. It sounds more holy. That's it.

  Your hard core Old King Jamesers can not even identify this for themselves. They will give a nonsensical laundry list of reasons it is the best that are simply implausible.

   Put my theory to the test. Ask two questions to your next hard core Old King James person.

1) Why is the old king James the best? (This question is just for your entertainment) you will get a great many unsatisfactory answers that will not match anyone else you ask.

2) Is there any other bible that sounds better to the ear? Guaranteed all will tell you there are none that sound better that the old king James.

This is because of the religious experience one gets from the old king James. It is not about content. Interestingly I have found that these same people are more interested in the whole show of being religious rather than attempting to understand the content OF the bible. They are more concerned with their religious beliefs and showing you they believe than knowing WHY they believe. I avoided them as a Christian and do so now as they have no desire to learn or explore the actual foundations OF their beliefs.

And in those times, thou Wilt know in thine heart, that compelled, did bestow upon you a great wisdom. (Sorry it just seemed much more impressive than saying "you'll see") hopefully I've just made my point.

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Flowery language always sells, which is in accordance with the old saying, "If you can't dazzle 'em with footwork, baffle 'em with bullshit!"

Sadly perhaps we atheist have something to learn here.

There's a simpler answer.  That's the way people spoke and wrote in 1611.  The King James superseded the Geneva Bible pretty quickly; the Plymouth pilgrims, who had declared their separation from the Church of England, stuck with the Geneva translation produced by John Calvin, while the Massachusetts Bay colonists of 1630, not separatists, were moving to the KJV.  In "Modell of Christian Charity," quoted from both, and both were written in Early Modern English, the vernacular of the 17th century.  These and later colonists enshrined the KJV in American Christianity.

 You are correct it is the way they spoke at the time it was written. Iwas atemping o address why it is still used today.

There are some who actually appear to believe the KJV of the bible was how people spoke in the times of Jesus and before. I have ran into them in my lifetime. People have even said if the KJV was good enough for Jesus then it is good enough for them. I even ran onto a book written by 2 men who claimed this version was the real word of god and that all others are false.

WTF is wrong with people? Then they have balls enough to want to debate you on some biblical thing.

WTF is wrong with people?

Free will.

BTW, YouTuber TheraminTrees cleanly refutes the "free will" excuse for an "all-powerful", all-knowing, caring, loving god not doing anything about injustices, tragedies, and evil in general: that god, as conceived by many Christians and others, has free choice for himself, yet doesn't suffer from evil, or diseases, or death. A powerful, loving god could have given the same advantage to his "beloved" humans... yet this one couldn't be bothered.

(Of course, "God's plan" is actually indistinguishable from no god and no plan, as long as you don't concern yourself with a hypothetical afterlife in a Secret Magical Place that nobody has reliably reported on.)

One other factor for some of us: familiarity.  I went to church at least once every Sunday from approximately birth to ... age sixty-something.  For the first many years I heard the King James bible at every service.  

So it sounds right.

Indeed, it's what you're used to.  The usage of words and phrasing in the KJV, to you at least, is most familiar, to the point where an alternative take on a given verse can be downright jarring.  This habituation is also part of the indoctrination which the shepherds use on their sheep.


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