According to Romans 3:25;

For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood. This sacrifice shows that God was being fair when he held back and did not punish those who sinned in times past,

  • What about the sinners in the past before the New Testament who never heard of Jesus Christ? What about Buddhists or Hindus without any exposure to the Jewish religion, whatsoever. Is the Christian God really as fair as claimed?

  • The New Testament was originally distributed by ink on Papyrus and later, sheepskin, sewn together by hand. In fact biblos is Greek for Papyrus plant. From the dark ages into the middle ages monks spent their time writing Bibles. The Catholic church only allowed rich men, professors at Oxford, and the church to own copies of The Bible. The first Bible the common people had owned was after the Protestant reform. The Geneva Bible, in 1560, was the first Bible available to the people. Before that, the Catholic church convinced followers that salvation was through works and donations to the church.

   Why didn't an omnipotent god prevent this situation from occurring? One would think if his sons' life was sacrificed, he would want people to know about salvation, and make sure "the word" was distributed before the 16th century. What happened to the common folk who went to church every Sunday, believing giving money to the church was the way to salvation? Are they "burning in hell"? Was god fair to anyone born before the end of the 16th century AD?

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Take a god out of the picture and everything falls into place. Nonsense is nonsense. To debate the reasoning of imagined characters is foolhardy and should be left to our clergymen. Who else?

Atheists should begin questions about religion. Religion isn't harmless. It inspires killing. It loads the taxes churches should pay on the shoulders of the already burdened tax payers. It cons people out of their hard earned money, and this is still wrong though those people are deluded. Religion promotes abusive actions toward women and children. Who is there to breakdown the evil sham except skeptics?

What's wrong with that little girl with the microphone? She's crying, praying, and talking pig Latin maybe. She's doing what her parents and other grown church members do. Monkey see, monkey do.

To your first question regarding sinners pre - new testament. I asked a priest that same question during a world religion class. To his credit he replied that he didn't know the answer but was sure a good, moral person would go to heaven.
Which begs the question; what need is there of a savior?
I've mentioned before that I attended a catholic college and came out as an atheist. I wonder why.

It's reasonable you would become skeptical after discovering such inconsistencies in The Bible, which cannot be answered by a priest.

The reason Jesus' sacrifice didn't make any sense is because it was no sacrifice.  Even the bible agrees with this.  The man supposedly died, spent three days dead, though how you get three full days from a Friday to a Sunday is beyond me, then was reanimated by daddy.  There are military veterans who were prisoners of war who would wish to whatever power would grant it that their tribulations had been remotely as trivial as a 72-hour inconvenience.

What it amounts to is this: Jesus Christ had a bad weekend for your sins.  Like it or not, that's the final score.

 though how you get three full days from a Friday to a Sunday is beyond me

Ask a travel agency, they know sums like that.

I have to admit religion has fingerprints all over it.

Take the garden of Eden story out of the Bible and you lose any reason whatsoever for there to be a sacrifice - human or otherwise - except that you are afraid of god who will later drown all the world but spare 8 people. Maybe this is what they mean when they say "you should fear god."

As for Jesus, he had a bad weekend but was alive preaching in hell almost from the moment he closed his eyes in death. In this way he was victorious having "the keys of heaven and hell" and "conquering death." This belief is very dangerous and it is no wonder that the faithful can be persuaded to do almost anything.

It appears that the dead are not dead if you believe this crap built up around exaggerated scriptures. This leaves the human being able to do anything and even commit murder to carry on his religious cause.

Bible stories are much like people watching Penn and Teller or The Amazing Randi. Entertaining but what you see is not real.

"Take the garden of Eden story out of the Bible and you lose any reason whatsoever for there to be a sacrifice"

Exactly right. Charles Darwin took Adam and Eve and the garden of eden story out of the bible once and for all, thereby doing away with the necessity for a christ and the whole of christianity.

I've mentioned Jim Huber's "Dead to Rights" before, a parody of a cartoon tract booklet. In it, Jack Chick, the actual publisher of those "scary little comic books that promote an extreme Christian Fundamentalist view", dies and finds that God isn't quite what he expected.

A crucial frame:

Jack Chick: "But I'm forgiven! You died on the cross for the world's sins! I believe in You! JESUS SAVES!" God: "THAT'S ABSURD! Why would I need to sacrifice Myself to Myself to allow Me to change a rule... I MADE MYSELF!?!"

Many other problems with the theory besides this. The whole idea of substitutionary atonement(1) for Original Sin(2) by blood sacrifice(3) makes no sense.




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