Something I've been thinking about for quite some time and maybe some of y'all can help me with this train of thought I've been having. I to some degree can understand why people believe or should I say why they have a vested interest in wanting to believe. After all, having a soul means you survive death in a non-physical form. I've always wondered what makes a person of faith think that they GOD they worship is also a member of the same faith? I would gather they'd have to consider it as at best a remote possibility that GOD maybe of a different faith than the one in which they themselves are members. I am surprised how come this question never comes up. I mean trying to state there is a GOD that actually exists, let alone a GOD that is of the same faith seem to be to great quantum leaps of faith here. Granted I am asking alot of them to be rational/logical and consider other options on the table. But just wondering how come this is never used by non-theists in an argument with these seems like a major fly in the ointment. Okay you believe in GOD, but what makes you so sure GOD is of the same faith? Sounds like an SAT question.

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That's an interesting point of view. I have to admit I never thought about that argument. But I'm sure that a theist would have a cop-out answer as religion is the cop-out answer of the world.

I used to wonder why do monotheistic faiths, especially the Abrahamic religions from the same area, don't consider sharing their points of view. It's all about power struggle. I mean if you really want to get your own point of view from religion, why go to a church, temple, or mosque? Why not read the original scriptures and interpret it for yourself?
Just something I've been kicking around lately trying to find and argument that doesnt go over their heads too too much. If it didnt matter which religion you picked then why does it matter if you pick any religions at all....I mean wouldn't a smart GOD understand the evidence of his own existence when it comes to atheists and agnostics is simply not good enough?
If you resign your self to the belief that there is no known or knowable super natural being as "god" then there is no question as to whether such a being has a contradiction of faith, the question becomes moot. Your energies would be best spent on keeping one of them stuck in a cyclical argument over the definition of the meaningless word "god". :) Faith is not a thing, it is an action. To have faith is to actively believe in an ideal. Ideals tend to manifest from laws, tenets, indoctrinations. Passed on by the imaginary deity. One would assume that the ideals of the imagined deity would be the same as the person who is suffering the delusion.
But people always act like they are on Maury Povich and swear that they are 1 million percent sure GOD is a member of their religion. It's not something that is up for discussion, hey is a member of their specific faith. Do you think Muslims ever enterain the idea that Allah may not be a Muslim? Or that Jew don't think Yaweh is not Jewish? Or that GOD isn't a Baptist? Give me a break. They not only assume this, THEY KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. And as convincingly and vehemently as they try proclaim GOD is a member of their faith.
I can answer this with a short video clip: (first minute)

I think the theist answer would be that god does not have a religion. He/She/It/They worship/s no-one. It/they exist to be worshipped by the Lesser Beings. The Lesser Beings are supposed to figure out all the details.
sounds like to me you tryin to get punched in the you start that little question up with a ''ture person of faith'' they are going to get highly upset in most cases.they dont question stuff like that.they have questions like how we gonna convert more people so we can get there money.god loves money by the way and it dont matter witch god you are talking about.its funny to me god wants me to give you my money so he knows i care about him.real funny like this little debate me and my brother have going on.his side is that it is important to know as much about god and religon there is to know that way you can better debate a god lover. where my side is much more easy for me to do .i just piss them off and let them look like the dummys they are dont need a phd for that.
I had a Methodist tell me that Yehway, Allah, & God were all the same deity.
I wonder where he would fit El (the other god mentioned in the repeated creation story in the book of Genesis) and his Elohim (the god committee of which Yahweh was a member - actually, a deposed member, if I recall correctly.) I suppose Jesus fits in their along with Allah. The Muslims would consider that sacriledge, of course.




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