Apparently discussions are under-way to pursue the matter through Interpol and the UN.

This is priceless.   You couldn't make it up.

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Not all Muslims are like that. As the title in the article says, Pakistani authorities want him dead, and though it is for religious reasons, you can't extend this to all the Muslim population.
Where did he say that "all Muslims are like that"? You're putting words into his mouth. We don't really need a disclaimer every time we talk about anything Islamic, do we? I never hear someone do this with Christianity.

By the way, a large majority in Pakistan are in favor of the death penalty for apostasy. I imagine a significant amount support this too.
I'm not surprised anymore. I agree with Rafeal H. I live in a neighborhood with quite a bit of muslims. Nevertheless, I see religion as a gateway drug and shield for dangerous fundamentalism.
Wow. Pakistani authorities are legitimately retarded.

That image of the Muslims with the anti-Facebook banner behind them really sums up the problem with the Muslims and the collective oak tree up their asses.
"collective oak tree up their asses."

LOL!Very accurate discription!
Were it that I was Chief legal officer of the UN, I think my curt reply would be : "get stuffed" They've lost the argument that blasphemy is a crime. All they have left is their offended sense of ego.

I love the asymmetry of "we ignore your strictures and drew your prophet - what are you going t do about it?" and the reply: "we'll organise a high-profile and ultimately fruitless campaign to try to enforce a law with zero international application becuase we fully endorse guilt by association."

I guess Mark will just have to cancel his holiday in Lahore.
They're only going after him b/c they don't know who else to focus their uncontrollable rage at. They can't locate all of the anonymous people who drew Mohammed, so instead they go after a third party that didn't 100% censor it (I think they did censor it at times?).
Like they would ignore our freedom of speech in the U.S. where Facebook was created and implemented for someone's sense of indignity. They really need to read the universal human rights that the U.N. came out with. >.X
Are there any infidels they don't want executed?

From the Quran: 4:91 "Take them and kill them wherever ye find them. Against such We have given you clear warrant."

Or: 4:101 "The disbelievers are an open enemy to you."

Or: 8:39 "Fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah."
Wow, they need to stop wasting money on these dumb cases and just send it to me.
Well, Facebook sure is boring, but death penalty would still be bit too harsh. :P
Hilarious. I was going to comment that Zuckerberg is widely regarded as an insufferable jerk, but then decided I would get a freethought atheist fatwa against me for such blasphemy.

Plus, Facebook's provacy policy is considered an abomination. I wonder - can they locate him through facebook? How ironic if they can, and how ironic if they can't.




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