Apparently discussions are under-way to pursue the matter through Interpol and the UN.

This is priceless.   You couldn't make it up.

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Now I'm curious about his insufferable jerk reputation, actually.
I googled on him and made a mistake typing in "Mark Zuckerman Jerk" and google redirected me to "Mark Zuckerberg Jerk".

Here he's described not as a jerk, but an asshole and megalomaniac. "And the fact that many consider Zuckerberg a grade-A asshole doesn't mean he did anything illegal"

here he's a 'ruthless sex maniac' . Not that there's anything wrong with that - do people criticize Madonna the same way?

Howewever, this writer in information week counters the discussion, stating "Zuckerberg is not a jerk - he just plays one on TV"

So who knows? Maybe he's not a jerk. I have never talked to him personally.
This gets into the narcissism of Islamists and many other bigots. "If you are not like me or if you disagree with me, then I want to kill you". "Allah agrees with what I have to say about deciding who should live or who should die"

These people are in love with themselves and have no insight. Unfortunately, there's no drug that can be put into the water to create insight.
Funny how I've never seen atheists call each other bigots for bashing Christianity.
Bigots? I can't say I've ever done that, no. I HAVE called some Christianity bashers immature and counter-productive to the cause though. That's about as far as I would go for most of the outré products of Draw Mohamed Day too.
Some of the Mohammed pictures were clever, some were just silly (Mohammed as a drag queen! or a camel with glasses!) and yeah, some were just dumb (Mohammed as a pile of shit). I'd rather they were clever or strangely funny, or just plain old pictures of Mohammed. I think the reactions from Muslims, though, were pretty much the same whatever type of picture it was.
Thunderf00t's take on it:

South park Vs Islam

Why we won
This is the above picture:

Good one Corey.
I think that was directed toward the people petitioning the UN to execute Zuckerberg.
As did I.
Richard, I think you should start a movement in support of the Muslims and Christians, out of fairness. I've seen lots of images of Jesus and Muhammed, making fun of them and in compromising positions. It's a sign of the superior tolerance of the religionists, that they do not start counter movements to offend atheists.

It really isn't fair. What I am suggesting is that you start a "draw nothingness day" wherein people submit offensive images of nothingness. This would result in atheists uprising with appropriate shock and horror, and riot in the streets.

To get things started, here is my image of nothingness:

See? It IS offensive to atheists.


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