Apparently discussions are under-way to pursue the matter through Interpol and the UN.

This is priceless.   You couldn't make it up.

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I'm OUTRAGED!! Your cavalier insults to know...our uh...what was it you were insulting?

There is no such thing as Nothing!

Nothing ain't worth nothing but it's free.
death to all those who draw nothingness!!!!-----just kidding..Glad i am not a Sufi Muslim in Pakistan. A whole bunch were just bombed by other Muslims.
The funny part is that when South Park doesn't even show Mohamed but insinuates him, they get death threats from indignant believers. When they do full-blown multipart episode mocking atheists in general and Richard Dawkins in particular, most atheists I know said, "Hey, cool! Dawkins is on South Park!"
Not just Dawkins, but Dawkins banging Ms. Garrison. And my reaction was "cool"!

I can't think of any demographic category, belief system, or interest I have that I wouldn't be able to laugh about or even make my own jokes about.
i just read that Muslim attackers in Pakistan bombed a Sufi mosque and many were killed. I wonder what Muslim apologists will say about this violent attack? After all, thy tell us that Islam is the religion of peace.
The same thing they say after every act of violence!

"Not all Muslims are like that. That's just a tiny, miniscule group of extremists and it has nothing at all to do with the religion of Islam which is a beautiful religion. Most Muslims are peaceful and wonderful people and are the victims of bigotry. The reason for your Islamophobia is that you don't understand Islamic religion and culture. Christians are the same as Muslim fundamentalists."

etc etc etc


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