The Religion teacher did always tell me I was going to hell

Howdy all!  Reading some of these introductions reminded me of how the old nun that taught Religion & Morals announced to the class that I was going to hell and so was everyone that listened to me.   Since I was a kid I never did keep my mouth shut and to this day I am on occasion still accused of being an agent of Satan. 

For as long as I have been supposedly working for Satan it is most unfortunate that he does not offer monetary compensation.  I could have earned retirement by now.

I have a problem with any irrational ideology and these days it’s Fox News and Tea Party rhetoric that stirs me into the occasional debate.   Now instead of being called an agent of Satan I’m called a communist, which is not entirely disagreeable actually.  Being called a pink’o communist is a bit of nostalgia I thought that I would not get to relive since the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

Well, I look forward to chatting with you all – that is unless you want to be spared eternal damnation.

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Good job. I too was a cradle Catholic.Too bad the nuns didn't know about Mark Twains comment : Heaven for climate, hell for company. Any god that creates a hell for his creatures should be the first one burned in it.
Aly, although i read the bible in a university course I don't argue scripture. Not only because I don't know it well enough but from my perspective scripture is irrelevant anyway. I do like when other people know it well and frustrate religious zealots with scripture.

Letting people know you are a non-believer can have even greater consequences. A survey found that more Americans see atheists as a threat to the country than fundamentalist Muslims.

William, I like the Twain quote, that is a great one.
I know how you feel. When I was in high school my teacher told me I was going to hell for not accepting Jesus. She was a very avid christian and was often inappropriate with students. She made us watch a christian film and another time some Kirk Cameron video about waiting until marriage before having sex. I guess we both are demons,lol.




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