The Results Are In: America Is Dumb and on the Road to Getting Dumber

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A depressing description of US education and our adult literacy.

Nine out of 10 don’t understand radiation and what it can do the human body,... in five adult Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth.

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One in five think the sun revolves around the earth?? I need to carry a pocket copy of Isaac Assimov and stand on streetcorners screaming science at passersby, the way the street preachers do with the babble...;)

I guess it's hard to decide if kids should go to public or parochial schools: public schools=dodging gunfire all day; parochial schools=learning about how Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to work before Eve ate apples and became a ho because of a talking snake-decisions, decisions....

If churches didn't get their tax exemptions and other privileges... would we have enough money to fund excellent, safe, secular schools for all U.S. children? Arguably there's other spending, exemptions, and subsidies that are less important, as well.

Yes, there should be no public funding spent on putting a kid in a private school.

The problem in Texas, for example, is that the Texas Teachers Association, and the School Boards, etc. are all staffed by bible nuts who inject their shizzity into the public sector. 

And almost all US School Books-rife with errors-are published in Texas. Go figure.

I'm still trying to prove that snakes can talk. I find them out in my yard and follow them around saying, "Hey, snake. I know who you are. Tell me your name snake. Talk to me." Strangely the snakes just quickly try to get away from me. I think my practice of doing this is a left over from my preacher days.

Gonna try out new tactics soon with the snakes. "Hey, snake. How does it feel to lose your legs and have to crawl around now. Answer me snake."

Yes, I took it literally. If a snake could talk to Eve such a long time ago, then they can surely talk to me today.

I just caught a snake in my back field. I've got it and I'm right in it's face. "Hey snake, how come you told Eve the secrets to make her gawd and not me?"-Oh, shit, it's opening it's mouth-something is rattling from it's tail-oh, hell, it's a rattlesnake-ahahagahaksfko273%^^%#**((

Teaching creationism is widespread in U.S. public schools

This article exposes schools in the U.S. that use taxpayer dollars to teach creationism.

Americans deserve their own economic and cultural  decline.  Their laziness and lack of inquisitiveness and discipline are pathetic.

"Amusingly, fundamentalist Christians are evidently as ignorant of the Bible as they are of science, given a majority of Americans cannot name the first book of the Bible"  So pathetic.  How the hell did this happen?

I blame the Kardashians:)

Yes, Bim Bardashian. Or was that Lim Lardassyone? Although I do admit a little firmness is desired.

Has anyone here ever read Kurt Vonnegut’s book Harrison Bergeron? Although I do recall Richard Hofstadter wrote a fairly accurate polemic back in early 60’s about Anti-Intellectualism. Still, I can’t help feeling more than a little disturbed with the level of mindless, jingoistic dogma these Christian zombies seem to blatantly demonstrate in this country. It’s like watching human de-evolution in process.

Anyway, I posted this image once before but I definitely think it needs to be posted again:...

What if you had to come out as smart the way you come out as gay?

(also shared in "LGBTQI atheists, nontheists, and friends")




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