The AFA mailing list emails are usually infuriating and insulting, but I do like to know what's going on at the "dark side." To be open-minded means to consider the other point of view, after all.

This article was included in the latest email, and the question has be a little stumped, I'll admit:

Basically, if a chrisitan-owned private, small business doesn't want to serve a customer that they find offensive, should they be allowed to refuse? Does a christian-owned catering hall need to serve a gay couple's wedding?

My first thought is, hell NO. Of course not, that's discrimination.

Then the comments section raised some interesting questions: What if you owned a bakery, and some KKK members came in asking for a cake for a rally? Or some neo-Nazis? Maybe it's a woman who wants you to make a graphic-looking penis cake for a bachelorette party (once attended a party with one of these........ certainly impressive!)

It's legal to be a member of these hate groups, and they have parties, too. When I think about it some more, though, the law is that you can't discriminate if you own a business........right?

If I own a cute little family bakery in the neighborhood, and the resident Klan Poobah wants a cake, guess my job is to suck it up and put on my big girl panties, and get it over with. But the design would have to be negotiated. What if the neo-Nazis wanted a giant swastika-shaped cake? Hmmm yeah this is a dilemna.....

Of course the difference is obvious between a gay couple and a hate group. It's really the christian's problem if they see gay marriage as an equally hateful thing as naziism.

Besides, it would just be allowing ALL businesses to discriminate rampantly. "He was wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey, no effin' WAY I'm selling him bagels in Brooklyn! Fuggedabawdit......."


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I read a baking forum fairly frequently.  A lot of the professional bakers who post there decline to do so-called X-rated cakes.  Some because they think them "obscene" and some because they think they're boring and overdone (like "baby butt" cakes).  That's an easy one to get out of, "I don't really do those; I don't have the pans and I don't have the expertise to come up with a cake that I'd want you to serve your guests."

As to the others, the Klan or some other group, the magic words are, "I'm all booked up."  People refuse to bake for other people all the time--mostly because the customer is a huge PITA or they get the, "this person isn't going to pay me" vibe.  It's hard for a customer to argue with your success--that's why they wanted to hire you in the first place.

People that hate, though, can't shut up about it.  They have to tell people that they won't provide a service because you're gay or female or a Sox fan or...and christians are the worst of the lot.  They can't let that chance to prove their superiority and "stand up to the devil" to pass by.  And that's why they get their chops busted.  Refusing service with a snide comment hurts feelings.  If it's an illegal reason, it gets you in trouble.  A simple, "Gosh, I'd love to, but I'm booked solid" hurts no one's feelings.  And not hurting feelings is something christians are rarely good at.  ;)

As a classically trained saxophonist, years ago i used to play regularly during the summer months for church services.  Just me, the organist or pianist.  I was paid for this service.  I had no problem taking money from a church for services rendered.  It was just another paid "gig," 

I think some of these christian bakers unnecessarily go out of their way just to figuratively mount themselves upon the cross and shout "persecution!"  There are a lot more important issues in the world that all of us should be getting upset about.  A same-sex wedding cake is not one of them.    

That's completely understandable, taking a gig at a church. You're playing music. They're not asking you to bow to the cross for each song or anything.

If I had a bakery, and the klan wanted a cake with a noose on it, that I wouldn't do. If it's just "Happy Birthday Klan Poo-Bah!" written on it, fine that's do-able. I'd also make sure they don't come to pick up the cake wearing their uniforms! This is how I imagine doing business.

It's awful that people equate gay marriage with "offensive," that's what really gets me.

If they want a religious theme to their pizza place, then just call it "Jesus Freak Pizza" or something. I guess if they have christian bookstores and crap, they can open up a place like that. Just don't offer discounts to christians only, or put coupons in the church bulletins and no place else.




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