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I've always felt that religion weaves a pernicious web in human behavior. Making people to associate guilt and shame with our natural bodies is a crime against humanity. Religious orthodoxy takes a wonderful gift of nature and

If sex were a positive and natural activity, I believe rape would diminish and eventually cease in an enlightened society.

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Outlaw, I think being mammal has a lot to do with it. Only a small percentage of male lions, big horn sheep, wolves, etc. do all the fathering. A male lion will even kill cubs of another male on becoming king.

This leaves the subordinate 95% with a tremendous sex drive with no females available without a fight with a strong alpha. This is how homosexuality evolved, I believe; the urge must be satiated. This phenomenon goes across mammalia. There is nothing “unnatural” about same gender sex, as the Holy Father would have people believe.

Interestingly, what is unnatural is voyeurism. You do not see this in the natural world. I’m excluding those pesky panting toy dogs that used to drive me crazy. They are inbred and not natural animals.

Celebrity worship is an outgrowth of voyeurism and is very strange. Tiger Woods’ wife wasn’t wearing a wedding ring today. Who cares? Tiger did what any tribesman would do with that much opportunity. How is her naked ring finger news to anybody but Tiger and his lawyers?
Hey where did Jacqueline go? Does anyone have her new contact info?
Oh my. Did not know.
Wow, it takes away all of her responses too?
Yeah, looks like it. Too bad, she had some pretty good stuff here.

What's a kafluffle?
Did she say what she was mad about? I could see her leaving the discussion but she closed down her page here.
What "kind" would that be, exactly?
Well said Nerd and I have to agree with you. Too bad indeed.
This video was perfect for this thread!
In the immortal words of that great philosopher and Gryffindor keeper, Ronald Weasley: "BLOODY BRILLIANT!"
You got that right, Ray.

We gotta figure out how to get Christians to watch this stuff. Here's a line from Mirror Reversal.

What a cruel ironic cosmic joke! Books written by goat herders and fishermen, determining the destiny of mankind and the entire planet.”

That's what we need: The pope to come out of his prayer booth and tell everybody it was all a joke.


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