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I've always felt that religion weaves a pernicious web in human behavior. Making people to associate guilt and shame with our natural bodies is a crime against humanity. Religious orthodoxy takes a wonderful gift of nature and

If sex were a positive and natural activity, I believe rape would diminish and eventually cease in an enlightened society.

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Beautifully said and completely true. It probably fair to say that the Abrahamic religions have done as much for chauvinists as water has for life on earth. They nourish, protect, and legitimize any concept that puts men over women.
Thanks Jac, erudite. Beautiful.

I’ll tell you if I were a female I’d be pissed at the sexism in the Bible. Why should Adam be created first and not me (as a female). What did Adam do to merit this priority?

And then I got to take be created from his rib. Fuck, why his rib? Gemma a break, at least create me from Adam’s femur or clavicle, anything but a lowly rib—there's 32 of them. Couldn’t God give me some distinction, some class—a rib is not class.
There is a great web page discussing the Bible's take on rape:

A guy broke in to my aun't apartment and raped her. He was captured and prosecuted. His sentence for breaking and entering was 3 times that of his rape sententence!

The mythology of the "evil woman" goes back as far as recorded history. It must be ingrained in the human psyche. I see women scapegoated every day as the "cause" of the "break yp." If she had been a better wife, blah, blah, blah....
I checked out the website. One word for it: "sick." How can there be so many people that believe it? Next to "what happens when we die?" I think that's the biggest mystery. How could people be so stupid?

Imagine some soldier knocking on the door, "Sorry, Lady, Moses told me to kill all of the non-virgins in town. Mind if I check your daughter?"

The Bible condones sexism, slavery, and racism. No wonder the human history is so messed up.
No doubt dude. Sick shit!
This stuff blows me away. Was there no soldier who raised his sword and said "WTF Moses?" We'd never hear of such a heretic if there was one.
Well, there was Nathan... but he was just a religicon of a different color... ugh
Okay that is just stupid! Why would God throw poo? He could literally throw anything he wants and he choses poo, really? Furthermore, is it really such a terrible embarrassment for others to see you naked- especially only from the neck down? Women shouldn't be ashamed of their bush no more than a man should be embarrassed by his wad- or was this more about embarrassing them by showing off their hairy legs and armpits? It just sounds like a fouth grader wrote this!

"I'm going to make fun of you! I'm going to throw poop at you! I'm going to show everyone your butt!"

And people follow this garbage as the word of God? THAT is amazing.
God threw dung lol! So we DID evolve from apes! Hehe.
This is great. Let's rent out one of those mobile signs and place it on a busy highway.

In bid letters as cars whizz by:


Hey, you know I'm stoned half the time when I write this stuff. But I think it'll give 'em something to think about.
So I'm not alone here, lol!
No WE are not alone. lol




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