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I've always felt that religion weaves a pernicious web in human behavior. Making people to associate guilt and shame with our natural bodies is a crime against humanity. Religious orthodoxy takes a wonderful gift of nature and

If sex were a positive and natural activity, I believe rape would diminish and eventually cease in an enlightened society.

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I think billboards with bizarre Bible verses on them would be great... You'd give a message and never have to say it.
Now you know how unintelligently we were all designed....

Funny you should mention this. Our human bodies are pretty weird and evolved to adapt to random changes in the environment. The only reason a male sees a woman's body as attractive is because genes replicated according to the changes. For instance, a man wouldn't regard a female Neanderthal as attractive, yet only 50,000 millions years of evolution separate us.

Pubic hairs function to trap pheromones; the average woman’s nose is at the level of the average man’s armpit. Furless bodies evolved so the intensified pleasure of body to body contact ensures the pair bond will remain intact until the helpless babies grow old enough to break away from parental care.

Of all nature’s creatures, Homo sapiens is the only species with a conspicuous sexual display. It’s evident God had nothing to do with the looks of our bodies unless he’s a practical joker. And priests tell us sex is sinful.
That fuckin' book. A Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths has a section on the Inquistion that's a mind blower. She says many of the victims—more than eight millions over the centuries—were girls under the age of twelve. All one had to do to be in the hot seat (literally) was to be named by an associate being tortured. The Inquisitors got to keep your property so the more human marshmellows the better.

The church was so venal and cheap that they made the victims pay the cost of incarceration and torture.

One town in Germany had a witch burning at the rate of one per week for several years.

Only one epithet for it: fucked up.
For instance, a man wouldn't regard a female Neanderthal as attractive, yet only 50,000 millions years of evolution separate us.

I don't know about that - I've been plenty drunk enough and horny enough that....uh, maybe I've said to much.
in an attempt to dominate and control women's behavior,

Reminds me of a good gone I heard by a UCLA history professor, I believe his name was Ruiz—long time ago.

How religion condoned and encouraged slavery:

When the Conquistadors landed in Western Africa and they knew there was money to be made in slavery. They propounded the following logic.

•The land belongs to God.

•God loves us because we worship and live by his commandments.

•These half-naked savages are the children of the devil.

•God would want us to take their land and bring them closer to Him by converting them to Christianity.

•While we're at it, we might as well make slaves out of them because they need discipline and the Bible says, "Ye shall toil in the mud." (Something like that.)
1823, Johnson v. McIntosh, that justified the dhimmitude of Native Americans by arguing that the Doctrine of Discovery granted title to the conqueror and that the conqueror cannot be tried in its own courts. That case law has never been overruled or set aside or ruled unconstitutional, even today.

If I recall correctly, that decision ruled that Native Americans were aliens – the absurdity of that ruling has always boggled my mind.
In fact Native Americans (Indians) are excluded from citizenship in 3 separate places in the constitution – none of those passages have been nullified in the Constitution. Native Americans received citizenship as an act of Congress in 1922 - an act of Congress does not alter the Constitution. The largess of Congress , I suspect, had a lot to do with all that oil on the “worthless” land on which we forced them and that inconvenient “Indians not taxed” passage in the 14th amendment.
The bottom line is that Native Americans have no Constitutional right of citizenship.
Well, it sure plays a role in child rape. The Catholic Church, for instance, pays out millions a year in order to settle out of court with the victims of its priests. Considering the policy of shuffling around priests the second they get caught, it's the perfect environment for a pedophile. He's given access to the community's children with out having to earn anyone's trust first--- it's simply granted. He doesn't have to make death threats as he wields damnation and excommunication instead. Then there's the cloud of shame looming over healthy sexual relationships, let alone freakin' child abuse. Considering the amount of money this morally bankrupt organization is shelling out over this, children are probably safer left out doors and unsupervised than inside one of these churches.
Jac, could you answer a question for me? Why are there no priests listed on the National List of Sex Offenders?

Just wondering how that's possible.
So, Jac, as I stated in my blog post “Arrest the Pope” I describe how the Inquisition was the most atrocious period in human history. The Devil Himself couldn’t have devised a more demonic, sadistic, malicious, underhanded and dirty insult to reason. The inquisitors made the Gestapo look like NYC cops.

At the end I suggested the Pope, in atonement for the torture and death of millions, sells the church’s gold plates, cups and goblets (use good Chinaware, Jesus will never know the difference) and use the money to assuage human suffering. The paraphernalia is nothing more then ornaments and a tribute to the church’s power.

It's a good idea, but I don't think Ben will agree.
I bet 20/20 would like to do a special on exposing the Pope.
20/20 are pussies ... sic Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes on 'em! He handled Ayatollah Khomeini; he can handle Joe Ratzinger!
First network to expose the Pope is not a pussy... Go!




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