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I've always felt that religion weaves a pernicious web in human behavior. Making people to associate guilt and shame with our natural bodies is a crime against humanity. Religious orthodoxy takes a wonderful gift of nature and

If sex were a positive and natural activity, I believe rape would diminish and eventually cease in an enlightened society.

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Creature, If what you say is true, why are there no priests listed on the National Sex Offender List?

There's none on the list, therefore these allegations about errant priests can't be true.
Remember, you need to be convicted before you wind up on the list. Here's what I found about the Catholic Church's policy of shuffling priests around in order to avoid scandal. How can you so much as prosecute someone when they've vanished before charges can be pressed?

Freethought Today usually has a list of the most recent out of court settlements the Catholic Church has paid to abuse victims.

Then there's a couple of videos about some of the allegations,an interview with an abuse victim, and the Pope running around apologizing for it. It's sickening really, to see these guys running around admitting that it happened without facing any real consequences.
Im trying to remember who said, "Ozzy Osbourne makes a better babysitter than a Catholic Priest". Making reference to the TV show The Osbournes. Laughter is suspended in sadness after hearing that.
not cease. there are always anomelies. diminish? ok, makes sense as a hypothesis.
Here is some supporting information:

If Christianity makes people more moral, why is the rate of incarceration so much higher in the US
than it is in China? According to the CIA World Factbook, only about 2% of Japan’s population is
Christian – yet as this *CHART* shows, it has one of the lowest incarceration rates of any major
industrialized country. If Christianity correlates with greater morality rather than greater immorality,
how can this be? Why doesn’t a country with very few Christians such as Japan find it necessary to
lock up far more of its population than the much more Christian United States?


We find the same pattern within the US that we find in the world at large. The Bible Belts states of
the South have by far the highest incarceration rate of any area of the country (about 180% the rate of
the Northeast). And the very religious states of Louisiana and Mississippi have incarceration rates that
are some 330% and 280% that of what seems to be our least religious state (Vermont). If Christians
really are more moral than non-Christians, how can this be? Why do the most Christian states
apparently have the highest percentage of their people behind bars?

In addition:

In **1997**, the Federal Bureau of Prisons released the professed religious adherence rate of those in
the U.S. Federal Prison system.

Christians make up about 80% of the American population AND prison population.

However, Atheists make up about 8% of the American population but only 0.2% of the prison population.

On the flip side, only about 1-3% of Americans are Muslim, but 7.2% of inmates are Muslim.
Your welcome, Im in the process of composing a letter to Theists.
Indeed. Although, I also think it would be best to keep prisoner's separate from each other more than is done. I know if I went to jail I would demand solitary confinement. ^_^
Thats a neat perspective. I would go a giant leap further and say that their does not need to be a prison system. I believe we should ban prisoners to their homes... somehow, I dont have all the answers. But prisoners influence each other and become better criminals for when they get out. Even if they are not a hardened criminal, they have to get that way to survive prison. I know I have sailed past your realm of interest but just thought I would share. I could see how conjugal visits could help with the big picture.
Are their people lobbying congress for this purpose? This could start off like a small project to determine the results before going full fledged anti-influence. Hey! A catch phrase!
What about making their peckers stop working while they're in prison? I mean we know how to give a 90 year old man a hour long erection, we should have the technology to kill erections with the same success rate. This is far preferable to conjugal visits in my opinion. Prison is supposed to be tough and stressful and getting some good lovin' while your in prison is like getting a smoke break while taking a timed essay test. I suppose this would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

I have to wonder though: if we could keep prisoners from getting sexually aroused, would we be defeating the Rape/STD cycle?
Jac, interesting in Roman language, "patria" is word for "country" and "father" are the same. Also the word "patrician" for the powerful classes.

Each of the seven hill were settled by a family, the Julii, the Scipii, the Brutii, etc. and these familiae comprised the plutocracy.
I wouldn't recommend actually sending this to theists. For starters, different countries have very different standards for incarceration, and the US is notoriously big on sending and keeping people in prison. Second, there's a lot of work by various religious organizations to convert people while they're in prison, which could easily inflate the numbers of the incarcerated religious.

And, of course, atheism is highly correlated with being upper-class, male, white, and highly educated, which isn't the case for people in prison. If you send this to an even barely-educated Christian, it'll get shot down immediately, and only make atheists look more concerned with ideology than facts.




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