The Role of the Energy Charter Treaty in Wiping Out Humanity

The Energy Charter Treaty

Most who fear fascism's immanent takeover of the US government, see a political danger akin to the Nazis takeover of Germany. To my eyes, existential conflict engulfs us. Our final conflict isn't narrowly about national politics, or hate, or even war. Corporate entities are structured to degrade our planet's ability to sustain human life, and their parasitic global infrastructure is basically invisible to the public. One aspect of corporate takeover brings this into focus, the expanding power of The Energy Charter Treaty.

The Energy Charter Treaty and the power it gives corporations to halt the energy transition

A new report from CEO and TNI exposes how the little-known Energy Charter Treaty (ETC) gives corporations the power to obstruct the transition from climate-wrecking fossil fuels towards renewable energy. And how it is being expanded, threatening to bind yet more countries to corporate-friendly energy policies.

... provisions ... regarding foreign investments in the energy sector – also known under the infamous acronym ISDS or investor-state dispute settlement – are the ECT’s cornerstone. The ECT’s ISDS provisions give foreign investors in the energy sector sweeping rights to directly sue states in international tribunals of three private lawyers, the arbitrators. Companies can be awarded dizzying sums in compensation for government actions that have allegedly damaged their investments, either directly through ‘expropriation’ or indirectly through regulations of virtually any kind. 

Corporations claim compensation for loss of ‘future profits’.

Governments have been ordered or agreed to pay more than US$51.2 billion in damages from the public purse* – roughly equalling the annual investment needed to provide access to energy for all those people in the world who currently lack it. Outstanding ECT claims* have a collective value of US$35 billion ...

The ECT is prone to abuse by letterbox companies, which mainly exist on paper and are often used for tax evasion and money laundering. For example 23 of the 24 “Dutch” investors who have filed ECT-lawsuits* are letterbox companies. 

The ECT is increasingly being used by speculative financial investors such as portfolio investors and holding companies.

The ECT is a powerful tool in the hands of big oil, gas, and coal companies to discourage governments from transitioning to clean energy. They have used the ECT and other investment deals to challenge oil drilling bans, the rejection of pipelines, taxes on fossil fuels, and moratoria on and phase-outs of controversial types of energy. Corporations have also used the ECT to bully decision-makers into submission.

Law firms have been key drivers of the surge in ECT cases, relentlessly advertising the treaty’s vast litigation options to their corporate clients, encouraging them to sue countries.

Third party funders are becoming more and more established in ECT arbitrations. These investment funds finance the legal costs in investor-state disputes in exchange for a share in any granted award or settlement.

There are concerns about self-dealing and institutionalised corruption in institutions that administer ECT disputes

Polluting companies and for-profit investment lawyers enjoy privileged access to the ECT Secretariat,... [yellow emphasis mine]

Investor-state dispute settlement under the Energy Charter Treaty cuts off your right to vote at the knees. It cuts off your hope to stop Climate Destabilization, because foreign companies rights to future profits takes precedence.

In short, human life is worthless compared to prospective profit for speculative financial investors.

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In Selection for Gaia across Multiple Scales, the authors explain the Gaia Hypothesis: “… global regulation can emerge by a process of ‘sequential selection’ in which systems that destabilize their environment are short-lived and result in extinctions and reorganizations until a stable attractor is found.”

The backside of Gaia! I couldn't stop laughing when I read this.

It's obvious that the Energy Charter Treaty is a system that "destabilizes its environment” which will bring about “extinctions and reorganizations”, ultimately leading to a simpler stable ecosystem (perhaps of microbes and small invertebrates).

image source( a microbial mat)

Global selective pressure favoring corporate fossil fuel profit over sustainable energy transition - that's our clever invented mechanism of Climate Chaos self-extinction.

Our evolutionary role seems to be self-limiting.

(Again "liking" your reporting and sharing, not these facts!)

"Interesting" how the political conservatives who are usually up in arms about any perceived threat to national sovereignty have no problem with Investor-State Dispute Settlement preempting treaties, laws, and regulations that protect actual people, subjecting them to unilateral veto by unelected arbitration panels of corporate lawyers who'll strike down anything that threatens even a corporation's anticipated profits!


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