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OR you can train for the ministry like I did, keep and open mind, and sooner or later, even if you are in you 60's, you will wake up one morning realizing that you are atheist. Otherwise you end up stupid and believe that the grand canyon is the aftermath of a worldwide flood, and think there is a big drain stopper to be found somewhere there!

Just get away from the Christian apologists trying to tell you what god really said, etc. and the bible is a  good training book for atheists.

Dennis, I agree, the Bible is an excellent incentive to turn elsewhere for wisdom and compassion. 

bibbl... wear that bigoted bibb!

I love it.

Thanks for posting that short, sweet book review!

I found the rest of "Penn Jillette's 6 favorite books" from The Week -- they include Moby-Dick and The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero. "Sure, Houdini was the son of a rabbi and never said he was an atheist. But he did say that if there was life after death, he would come back and tell us. He didn't come back; that makes this an atheist book."

I really loved the part when that old dude gets raped by his daughters though, kept me awake for days!

That was HOT!!!

It is easy to misinterpret any book. If you look through any book with the preconceived thought that you will find errors in philosophy you will find them easily.

Especially if you really don't know what the author meant. Or the meaning of the passage in the first place, or you just want it to mean something it does not.

God tested Abraham because his son was the most important thing in the world to him. Abraham passed the test. He trusted God. He did not kill his son by the way. God told him not to.

If your son was a murderer would you be on his side? You should seek the truth first. If you family follows along with you than they will benefit. If they don't, the bible says you should love them, help them, take care of them, forgive them. But not follow them. That's why should always put God first. It will benefit your family, unless of course they are very bad.

In my gullible early years I had no desire to find fault with our holy bible, the very word of the living god. It was absolute truth! In latter life I matured, grew up, and put away childish things. The bible was one of them. End of story.

Was I angry with god? Maybe because he never brought me that pony. Second best answer. I was about as angry with god as I am with Casper the friendly ghost.

Hey, John Johnson. You are not an atheist. Why would you come on here to preach to us when the majority of us became atheist after many years of bible study. We are no amused here.

Go away, John Johnson.  One doesn't need any preconceived thought to find errors, absurdity, immorality, and general nonsense in the buybull.

The story of "god" and Abraham is fiction to begin with, but if it were not, it is stupid and evil.  The mythical god in the story played sadistic mind games with Abraham.

Again, go away. 

I think this John Johnson person is a member of the Pisyurful Church. He sure sounds like it. No logic there. Bye, bye, John Johnson.

Yet God didn't stop Jephthah from killing his daughter.  If your god is a genocidal maniac, should you follow him?




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