King of fast talking for this old man, but a good discussion none the less. 

We like things that agree with our existing biases.  In addition, we need something to  blame for things that go bad.  Via Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist

Also on antivaccinationsm, there is the argument that vaccines are made from aborted fetuses. Or more correctly, tissue culture that was originally derived, generations ago, from aborted fetus tissue. Some vaccines only - like influenza vaccine from chicken eggs. The confluence of antivaccinationism with antiabortion activism would be even harder to fight.

Having watched this, I am forced to re-think my hypothesis that Windows 8.0 was caused by vaccinations, chem-trails, and Satan.

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Thanks for sharing this!

For people like me who prefer to read rather than watch, it turns out that there is a (high-quality, human-created) transcript.

You can go to the YouTube page (click on the video title, "The Science of Anti-Vaccination", or on the YouTube logo in the lower right corner of the video); from there, "... More" shows the "Transcript" option.

I did watch the clip, and appreciated the link, but if I had first seen the URL for a transcript I would have taken that.  I wonder if our group tends that way more than, say, normal people.  Anyway, thanks for the information.




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