Muslims plan to behead random Australian citizen(s)

Breaking news this morning in Australia. Can't believe these sick people are in this country. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and many other religions in this country but none as sick as the Muslims! Someone needs to call it as it is and not be afraid of being called racist (because it's not, at worst it's "religionist") but it's good to see the Australian police forces are thwarting their pathetic plans.

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The majority of Australians, about 60% are xtian but most really don't care. It's just what they put down on their sensis papers. There are, however, many non-xtian immigrants the most recent of which are Muslim. It's these Muslim Australian citizens that are causing the recent problems.

Here in the USofA, no one has to be Muslim to shoot random Americans.

Frequent chats with a god probably help.

Good point. America has a huge problem with gun access. Guns whilst they are allowed in Australia, are strictly controlled with licensing and security measures. Gives us one of the lowest mortality from guns but they still occur - usually with bikie gangs or drug "mafia" types.

Great comment! So true!
Lol Tom. I love your sense of humor. It's much like mine.

They should hunt and prosecute these bastards to the fullest extent of the law and also make sure they never have any openings to be declared as martyrs for their so called "cause." This is why bin Laden was buried at sea and will never be a shrine for followers.

The problem here is younger people. Game makers were coaxed into games that would make the players want to be members of organizations (real or imagined) and this would attract the younger crowd into joining the military, etc. It worked so well that many are now joining ISIS and others just for the kill. (Should I have said thrill?) This includes UK and American who want to be a part of a real army. Throw in the motley others who just want to belong to something and think they have a purpose.

It should be understood that ex-pats joining terrorist groups would be considered treason. As for the misguided Muslims, just deal with them according to the law and the crime. If ti means prison, then so be it.

Yes, Australian Muslims are fighting over in the warzones then coming back to Australia. I think if they have gone over to those countries to fight for a terrorist group, they should have their Australian citizenship revoked and kept in prison as prisoners of war because this is effectively what they are.

Vangelis, I agree with you 100%. America and Canada should be doing the same. UK as well when they find these things out.

What would be the reason? Crimes against humanity because the country of citizenship is not at war with anyone. In a host country you earn your citizenship. It comes at a price but also can be revoked.

I think we have to get over the false concept of islamophobia. If some crazy person is jumping up and down shooting guns at you, you dont have crazy-person-with-gun phobia. You have a healthy normal fear of crazy people with guns.

Jihad is central to islam. There is zero multiculturalism in islam. the goal is and has always been world domination. There is zero respect for human life. There is sadistic joy in horrendous murder. They manipulate the openness of western society to make inroads. They manipulate our respect for other cultures and our fear of being racist.

That is not the same as fear or hatred of middle eastern peoples, or fear of Arab people, or fear of north African people. Or even fear or hatred of Muslims. But a healthy response to Islam is to call it as it is, not the religion of peace - a not a member of multicultural tolerant society, but rather a highly dangerous, violent, invasive system that has as its core tenant, absolute domination.

Well stated.  And that is why I get pissed when people criticize Sam Harris when he speaks out against Islam.  He is just telling the truth, not being Islamophobic.  He's calling abhorrent behavior as it is:  abhorrent behavior.   

Any system that glorifies psychopaths and popularizes sadism should be treated for what it is. If we think we are being all kumbayah and touchy feely about embracing diversity, what would we exclude? Cannibals? Or are they just showing their cultural individuality and we should embrace them too? Harris is right.

Couldn't have said it better myself. People from more open societies should not fear calling out Islam as the horrific evil religion that it is. Even a cursory reading of the Quran will make that clear. It's the Muslims against the rest of the world (infidels).




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