Muslims plan to behead random Australian citizen(s)

Breaking news this morning in Australia. Can't believe these sick people are in this country. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and many other religions in this country but none as sick as the Muslims! Someone needs to call it as it is and not be afraid of being called racist (because it's not, at worst it's "religionist") but it's good to see the Australian police forces are thwarting their pathetic plans.

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Just like religion.  Get them while they're young and they'll believe anything you tell them and blindly follow any order.  What a waste of human potential.......especially with children. 

I agree. if Western societies do not control the soread of Islam, we are digging our own graves.

We also need to acknowledge, our wasteful oil addiction empowers and nourishes violent Islam. Frugal power consumption would give them kess wealth to use against us. Although that genie is already out of the bottle.

Give them no medicine, no food, no resources. Dont let them use emotional blackmail so that we feed the monster.

It is what it is. Perhaps, you like this one--if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. I think Sentient summed it up quite well. You can't categorize every Arab, Muslim or Middle Easterner as a whacko. However, it is always smart to know your audience. I've had a constant stream of crap regarding the Middle East since I was in elementary school. In all that time, nothing has changed. I'm for the old-fashioned approach--let them duke it out and whoever is left standing is the winner. There are people there and it up to them what type of government, religion and attitude they have about others. In our dealings with whoever wins, we should remember to feed them with a very long-handled spoon.

That's a great map.  But there are so many places that are candidates for central placement.....

You're right! I guess there are a lot of crap holes in the world. I think the Middle East has to rank among the top ten.


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