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I'm beginning to get Scared by this....
Slowly but surely Free Speech is undermined in this Country.
How should the German People react to this?
As soon as you say "Well, we have certain Values in this country (Free Speech, equality of Women etc...)
and everyone who wants to life here HAS to adabt...you get called a Racist..

But what the Fuck...i wanna live in a country where anyone can write anything about anyone (except hate speech) without fearing for his life!

What should we do about this?

(Sry for my weird writing Style but after reading this ...I'm still....upset...)

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You have every right to be upset. Freedom of speech is a double edged sword. On one hand it can be a force for good on the other a force for evil. I support the rights of all who wish speak freely about anything, Including "Hate Speech". I could not in good concience support silencing unpopular speech as it would create a slippery slope witch can lead to the demise of all negative opinion. I would be making as much noise as possible in the press, on the internet, and politically as possible.
I have a loyalty to, and an appreciation of, secular Western civilization.

That's perfectly understandable. Western civilization seems to be the most open to self-criticism and most willing to acknowledge the errors and atrocities it committed in the past.
Sounds like the beginning of the end for free speech in Europe of all places which is supposed to be more liberal than the United States...the truth is they need to ban Islam to get their country back but no one is saying that at the moment.
In Peru on october 2009,free speech is also being controlled ,with the excuse the commies are going to take over.This happened already in 1992, under president Alberto Fujimori(who now is in jail for 22 years), with the excuse of the civil war with commies.The problem is that when there is no freedom of speech ,or freedom of thought ,we are not treated like humans.I am not a communist, and for me it is kind of convenient that they stop the commies, but you have to oppose ideas to ideas ,and not force to stop ideas, because society stops thinking.To tell the thruth Peruvian society is not very intelectual,but even in this case,freedom of speech is a basic right of a democracy.
And the next thing you know any criticism of religion is defined as "hate speech".
Funny since religion is essentially hate speech in of itself.
"I should add that the real sea change predated the Enlightenment and was the product of trade, exemplified by the rise of Holland. Secularism does seem to flourish in a wealthy environment.
I've always been entranced by the breakthrough of realism of Dutch Renaissance paintings."

Secularism in the US had a better Standing when the broad US population was wealthy...which isn't the case anymore...
fear of the faith

start an organization or your own secular neighborhood

too radical?
Scheiße. They should do it anyway. What are they afraid of?--Initiating a civil war?
The meme that Europe is more liberal than the United States is just another convenient Republican lie.

It's neither a lie nor a truth, since conservatism and liberalism have different connotations on both sides of the Atlantic. For instance, you label Sarkozy a conservative, which is true in a sense, but he also believes in a strong state (to which most American conservatives would oppose), and is socially liberal on many issues seen as such in the US, like abortion. And although most Frenchmen wouldn't even think labeling their country a social democracy, it's actually what France is, and I doubt Sarkozy will ever want to change that. He'll only make small adjustments, as the pragmatic politician he is (pragmatic Gaullist is probably the best way to define him).
I'm French, I live in France, so how could giving my perception of what happens here be considered condescending?




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