Muslims scholars keep telling us that the Quran is word by word from God, and the proof is the so-called scientific miracles in the Quran, but a simple analysis of many verses prove the opposite. it is a product of its time from people living in the seventh century who knew little to nothing about science.

Quran (12, 4): When Joseph said to his father, "O my father, I saw eleven planets, and the sun, and the moon; I saw them bowing down to me."


There are eight planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Maybe Pluto. It depends on whom you ask

Even after centuries of advanced astronomy, we only found nine Planets. There are five planets visible without a telescope, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (6 if you include Uranus for those with sharp eyes!). Therefore, either this is a wild prediction or simply the author of the Quran confuses stars and planets.


Quran (54, 1): The judgment day is nigh and the moon has split.

We have observed the moon with our telescopes for centuries and even went there, yet there is no sign of any split or crack there, we even recently went to the far side of the moon.


Quran (53, 1): By the star as it goes down.

Shooting stars look like stars that quickly shoot across the sky, but they are not stars. A shooting star is really a small piece of rock or dust that hits Earth's atmosphere from space. It moves so fast that it heats up and glows as it moves through the atmosphere. Shooting stars are actually, what astronomers call meteors. Most meteors burn up in the atmosphere before they reach the ground.***


Quran (53, 45-46): And that it is He who created the two kinds-the male and the female. From a sperm-drop, when emitted.

Here the Quran’s writer claim that life is created from semen and not from a fertilized egg, a misconception in that time, But now we know better, we know that the sperms hold only half the DNA  required to create life.


Quran ( 67, 5): We have adorned the lower heaven with lanterns and made them missiles against the devils, and we have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze.

Another verse that considers meteors to be falling stars that has one purpose: to shoot down devils. A mythological understanding of a normal astronomical phenomenon.


Quran ( 67, 19): Have they not seen the birds above them, spreading their wings, and folding them? None holds them except the Compassionate. He is Perceiver of everything.

This is funny, because of the lack of basic understanding of aerodynamics. Birds do not fall to the ground when they fold their wing because of the will of God.


Quran ( 86, 1-3):  By the sky and at-Tariq.  But what will let you know what at-Tariq is? The Piercing Star.

Again the Quran’s Author describes meteorites as falling stars or precisely a penetrating falling star.


Quran ( 86, 17-18):  Do they not look at the camels-how they are created?  And at the sky-how, it is raised?

This is self-explanatory, heaven was considered as a roof that is held by God’s magical powers. A primitive concept of how the world works


Quran (16, 68-19):  And your Lord inspired the bee: "Set up hives in the mountains, and in the trees, and in what they construct.”. Then eat of all the fruits, and go along the pathways of your Lord, with precision. From their bellies emerges a fluid of diverse colors, containing healing for the people. Surely in this is a sign for people who reflect.


Honeybees will feast on almost any piece of fruit. They are known to eat plums, peaches, grapes, apples, figs, and pears. ... Beekeepers have tested this theory by placing grapes in the beehive. Especially in a nectar dearth, not the norm.**


Quran (76, 2):  We created man from semen, to test him; and We made him hearing and seeing.

Here the Quran state that semen is the seed of life. Sperm cells contribute approximately half of the nuclear genetic information to the diploid offspring (excluding, in most cases, mitochondrial DNA). Something that people in the past failed to know.


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Islam appears to be the Donald Trump of religions when it spouts BS as truth.
But Mormonism is not much better, it makes stupid claims about history and science as well. 

Though Islam is just a warped extension of Judaism as Mormonism is a warped extension of Christianity.

So all that is scientifically wrong with Judaism ( creation idiocy, Jacob's stupid animal breeding techniques, bats as birds, etc... ) is also wrong with Islam.

Since they both rely on the existence of Abraham, Noah and Moses that also never existed.
Islam's patriarch or Abraham's son Ishmael never existed, so that ends Islam's validity. :-D~ 

This is the same quran which wants to allege that fresh and salt water don't mix.  Apparently whoever it was that wrote it never hung around the mouth of a fresh-water river as it spilled into an ocean or sea, as the Mississippi does into the Gulf of Mexico.  Hell, a simple experiment with two measures of fresh and salt water would correct that misapprehension in a second, but it would be inconvenient to the prophet.

actually, that can happen,  i studied liquid movements and the Quran is right on that point. you can observe that at the Niles delta. fresh water can go miles without mixing with salt water




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