Okay, so Adam fucks His Mother and has 3 Kids, and Abraham fucks His Maid and has a Muslim,
then Abraham fucks His Sister (wife) and has a Jew, nice guy Moses murders Half of the Jews
(same Adolf percent), Solomon fucks 700 underage Girls (wives), Jesus fucks His Mother
and has 7 Kids, and Apostle Muhammad is the King of Kings for He fucks Everybody.

Yep, the Abraham Religion is the most Holy Religion of Earth,
the Sons are the Fathers, and the Mothers are the Wives.


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The facts of the stories are not correct in your post. Adam for instance "fucked" a female clone of himself. While it is important that you percieved the many of the things that are opposite of "Christian values" it is important to get the facts of the fairy tales correct when dealing with religions.

Clone? no, no, no, Bone! it says right here. Adam gave her the Bone, then she had kids.



Ribbed the hell out of her with that Boner, no?


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Some traditional Hadith sources state that Aisha bint Abi Bakr was betrothed to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at the age of 6; other Hadith sources say Aisha was 9 when she had a small marriage ceremony; Whilst the most reliable source, the Qur'an, puts the "Mother of the Believers" marriage date in her teens, at 12. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Aisha married in Medina, that scholars agree upon.

Happy Hunting Scholars.

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