Alabama dumb-assiness time.  This state is in what legislators refer to as pro-ration.  Meaning there is not enough money to budget for everything. This is mostly because for many years Alabama has lured corporations in with offers of charging them no taxes. And by-god they's sticking to it. Not enough that there are 4 million people here that will work for $8/HR. We are apparently the new China (only less people and drunker).

So, what do you do when there's not enough money? Cut something. Entitlements. Hmm. Let's see. Oh, education! Hell yeah, we've got too many teachers here, anyway (and you should see the list of shit you have to buy and send with an elementary school student already). What else? MEDICAID. They are cutting funding for that. The real problem is that every dollar Alabama cuts from its medicaid budget loses TWO matching dollars from the Federal Government. 3 for 1! What a bargain.

The state is defunding ALL mental health facilities! Think on that for a second. All mental health facilities in ALABAMA are being defunded and CLOSED. The idea is to send all those patients to 'group homes' and 'halfway houses'. That's some scary shit, right there.

This will also cause hospice service to be unavailable for many people.

And worst of all "It is very unfortunate that many dialysis patients will not be able to receive treatment."  WTF?  They're just supposed to go home and die, I guess. Bless their hearts. 

So with all of this going on, you know what was the big news story today on local TV?

The state legislature is debating a bill that would allow the ten commandments to be displayed in schools and state buildings. Total waste of time and money (in a state that has none) that will be overturned by the Federal government. FUCK FUCK FUCK!

At least everyone will know which candidates are the most religious at election time, which is the whole point, I guess.

I am so disgusted and embarrassed. 

I am now serious about getting out of here. At least to Georgia where they are a little more progressive and have FREE college for my kids (thanks to the lottery, which is the devil.)


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The state is defunding ALL mental health facilities! Think on that for a second. All mental health facilities in ALABAMA are being defunded and CLOSED. The idea is to send all those patients to 'group homes' and 'halfway houses'. That's some scary shit, right there.

What. The. Fuck. The idea is probably to let them go live on the street and become the problem of their city or county for "loitering". They're on crack if they think these people will just MOVE OUT OF THEIR HOMES and go live somewhere else because the gubmint told them to.

Mental health issues are especially enraging for me. I'm sick and tired of mental health patients being treated like their illness is their choice. 

1. You should be a comedy writer.

2. Alabama has always scared me and now I'm even more terrified.

3. Welcome to the 4th world. 

4. Smoke and mirrors, distractions, crazy ass rich people. 

Ooh, I'm going to buy a copy.   Thanks!

Just ordered it.  Glad to see it was at my local bookstore Powell's as well as Amazon.

Cool a link to your book - I'll go and get it.

You are a great comedy writer roland707. Very good stuff!

I was going to say sounds like that movie - "Dumb and Dumber"

This makes me sad.  Maybe we should all move to Alabama.  That way the state would have more progressive and critical thinking people, and we could vote in better politicians, fund education, and kick out the christianist neanderthals. 

And the other 49 states would go to hell in a hand-basket.  Bloody lovely.  :-P~~~~~~

I have lived in the US for 9 years now and I think that only in the last 2 years have I noticed this decline in sanity - in a lot of different states but particularly in the south (I live in Tx). The conservatives are really outdoing themselves and I am afraid of the destruction they will cause that may not be able to be fixed easy.

I have even been considering moving back to Australia recently because I just don't like it here any more. I would have to give up everything I have worked for here though and it would be a big move for me but the thoughts keep creeping in every time I hear this nonsense.

The other night on Jon Stewart, he highlighted the 'War on...' Fox news way of describing anything and everything that is happening right now and though funny, really quite scary. The war on women, the war on drugs, the war on religion etc etc, the list goes on. They should really be talking about the war on sanity and reason.

It is sad and depressing, America was a country that the world looked up to but not any more. One can only hope that the nation wakes up and stomps out the crazy.

Sandi, I can't count the people I've heard say they'd move to Australia (or New Zealand) if they could.  I know there are problems there, but I know they don't have the hyper-religious insane funded by the rich running the government, as we did 2001 - 2009 and could again (barf).  I sort of hope you stay; we need rational people.  Since the 1980 election it's been mostly downhill.

This does make me wonder how far mass psychosis can go.  If history is any judge, it can go very far.  Jesus save me.


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