The Strong See Themselves As Entitled to Brutalize the Weak. Only the Weak, by Uniting, Can Stop Them.

We (and our numerous cousins) are descended from blue-green algae, aka cyanobacteris, aka pond scum, who engulfed (ate) their weaker neighbors. From time to time, some of the weaker disposed of a stronger neighbor and reproduced.

We know where today's stronger are. Will we cooperate to stop them?

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As I recall, I read in a book by Thomas Paine that governments began as what we call protection rackets. Leaders of bands of robbers would demand payments from shepherds. In return these leaders would tell their gangs to not rob the shepherds who had paid.

Shepherds occasionally united and struck back. They killed the leaders and robbers until the leaders moderated their behavior -- turning their robbers against more distant shepherds.

This may be how city-states became nation-states and these leaders became accepted as monarchs.


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